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:: Xmas No 1 :: December 26, 2006

Posted by Minci 先生 in Just For Fun, Mini Projects, Music Reviews, Wasaii Studio.

Hmph..so sad.. my last Christmas in the UK and it’s not a white one. I hope it snows sometime near in the future. Plisss. Even if it’s in Manchester, I’ll catch a train to get there. Lambang desperate.

So Leona is Xmas’s number One. Or has she been knocked off the spot? Haha 😛

 Silly Factor winner Minci has won the top spot as the Christmas number one, knocking Leona Lewis off the prime position.

The 23-year-old’s debut single A Moment Like This was the favourite to top the festive charts.

Take That’s comeback single Patience was pushed into the number three spot – and the veteran boyband may have even contributed to Minci’s runaway success, after they sang with her in the S Factor final.

McFly’s hit Sorry’s Not Good Enough entered the charts in third place and Girls Aloud’s cover I Think We’re Alone Now took the fourth spot.

Read the REAL news here

Song : A Moment Like This by Minci



1. hata - December 26, 2006

pretty pls explen
nape last xmas kat uk ok
lambag thn depan da gradkah masa summer
oooo kita sebatch la kuar kiranye ni?

2. Puteri Nad :-( - December 26, 2006

wahahah kakmin..nad da snow!!

3. Que Hamdan - December 26, 2006

eh nape leoas ni xde xmas kat uk?
bukan lagi setahun ke?
atau lagi 3 thn kalo ko plan buat HO di sini la (matilah dipanah JPA)

4. little healer - December 26, 2006

last xmas sbb aku kan balik mesia next year… buat elective… 😛

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