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:: Exam Peri-Peri :: January 16, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Medical School.

merdeka!... sebentar jer lah..


5 hours pre-exam.

Was supposed to attend this clinic which was part of the schedule but something inevitable occured as bakkusan was unrousable. 😛 So, we made the best of our morning by making last minute preps for the exam at 1400 hours.

ketika kurasakan sudah
ada ruang di hatiku yg kau sentuh, ooh
dan ketika kusadari sudah
tak selalu indah cinta yg ada

mungkin memang ku yang harus mengerti
bila ku bukan yang ingin kau miliki
salahkah ku bila kaulah yang ada di hatiku, ooh

Nearing noon, I was already in my ‘perasan lucky’ attire. A bit of Ralph Lauren Style on the pulses and I’m done. We were provided with transportations to go to our exam venues. Unfortunately, the driver didn’t know the right place to drop us and we ended up having to walk for up to 30 minutes to our exam locations. Well..it was more like speed walking with a touch of roadrunner element to it.  Arghhhhh… saiko!!

adakah ku singgah di hatimu
mungkinkah kau rindukan adaku
adakah ku sedikit di hatimu

bilakah ku mengganggu harimu

mungkin kau tak inginkan adaku
akankah ku sedikit di hatimu


Didn’t have time to wee but was not in an urge to go anyway, so that was fine. Didn’t have time to eat too. Man.. doing the test on an empty stomach is just irritating. Anyway, had just enough time to exchange smiles with *u* yang bersejarah dalam hidupku semasa tahun 1 . 😛 Matilah kacak mat salleh tuh.. how he got hooked up with that girl , I have no idea! Once exam has started, I suffered from minor anxiety attack because I just couldn’t think my way through of answering the first 10 questions. It got better towards the end. Therefore, I was able to skim through the questions again  with a much clearer head. OOOOOO… oso had time to usha one of the invigilators… so young , cute, nice to look at, cool dressing but not the type of men I would date. Date? Abihlah spt wanita jalang saja bunyinyer… ala2 nk ber promiscous sajorr…

bila memang ku yang harus mengerti
mengapa cintamu tak dapat kumiliki
salahkah ku bila kaulah yg ada di hatiku

kau yg ada di hatiku

Post exam

Met other friends. Finally, get to eat the lovely Spicy Chicken with chips that’s got lots of FAT nutrients in it! Washed it down with Cherry Diet Coke. Cool… haven’t had an unhealthy meal for ages and truth be told I am getting a bit sick right now. Euw.. I need vege soup .. lentil soup now. 😛 And I’ve still got another chicken left. ;)Hehe.. maybe for tonight while watching my post exam DVD – Million Dollar Baby.

bila cinta kita takkan tercipta
ku hanya sekedar ingin tuk mengerti
adakah diriku, oh, singgah hatimu
dan bilakah kau tahu
kaulah yg ada di hatiku

kau yg ada di hatiku
adakah ku di hatimu

– Malique d’Essentials, UNtitled-



1. Puteri Nad :-( - January 16, 2007

yeayy..bagus kakmin..dah berjaya exam

2. little healer - January 16, 2007

bolehlah kita berkalbat selepas ini.. oh tak.. after nad abis.. 😛

3. Puteri Nad :-( - January 16, 2007

sekadar soalan je tau..adakah promiscuous maksud kakmin?

4. little healer - January 16, 2007

a ah.. kesilapan ejaan di situ…. huahuahua 😛

5. fiza - January 16, 2007

sgt kejam ok itu pakcik
campak kite rate2
pastu suh speed walking 30 minit
sgt lelah sbb lame tak exercise

6. little healer - January 16, 2007

tk pepasal kena intermittent claudication + raynaud phenomenon + shortness of breath.. hihihi~~

7. LF@DA - January 18, 2007

owh min.. tgh2 exam sempat cuci2 mata? thats cool~!! inspirasi nak jawab exam.. hehehe 😉

8. little healer - January 18, 2007

kalo tak cuci nanti.. taik mata banyak.. hahahahahahhahaa

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