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:: Shilpa fights back clip on BB :: January 18, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Uncategorized.

Normally, I don’t watch Big Brother but hey the clip a  few days ago was damn interesting. Shilpa Shetty with what some people describe as the quote of the century! Hahaha…


“Your claim to fame…is THIS” – Shilpa Shetty

but you have to remember, Shilpa is still an actress.. 😛 it is hard to tell what is genuine and what is fake.



1. Puteri Nad :-( - January 18, 2007

nad da tengok hari tu..bangga sangat dgn shilpa shetty terpaksa berhadapan dengan sumer egoistical brits tuh.. dan bergaduh dgn moron2 tuh..huh matila emo terasa cam diri shilpa gak..

i think masa dekat diary room dia nanes tu,agak genuine okie kakmin..sila tengok tag dia shilpa shetty argument

2. LaDy FaNtAgHiRo - January 18, 2007


3. Que Hamdan - January 19, 2007

(td dah tulis hilang plak geram)

seriously speaking Shilpa inspires me to the max…
its not easy to live in a dominantly ENglish-speaking community… particularly in the highly insensible niche… and worse in her case : being televised publicly

oleh itu saya menyeru agar anda semua:
1- berbangga dgn bangsa sendiri
2- sentiasa bercakap dgn yakin dan lantang (though kene berlembut at times) agar tampak confident dan kepala x mudah ditenyeh2
3-sentiasa berfikir wisely sblm membuka mulut
4- polish our grammar and vocab, rather than paying too much focus on Accent

seriesly speaking, Shilpa Pappodom deserves a gigantic tsunamic round applause for her striking ability to stand up against the ganged-up big-mouthed ignorant bitches….. Jade Goodey tu mmg literally mulut besar OK!!!!!

p/s nak sangat tengok derang gadoh btol2 sbb shilpa tu black belt holder katanyeehhhhh…

4. little healer - January 19, 2007

yea.. hear dabout that black belt thing too..
shilpa voted as the hottest housemate!

n if i m not mistaken, the eviction tonight will be between herself and jade goody.. hehehe 😛

5. Que Hamdan - January 19, 2007

benar ok … tape nape jade ngan shilpa eh ? pelik….

6. little healer - January 19, 2007

they are after all voted by housemtaes kan.. so sapa yg tk suka shilpa sure akan vote dia.. and those hating jade.. will vote her off instead.. kalo jade kuar bagus jugak.. teringin nk tgk canne joe ngan danielle akan cope nanti…

kalo shilpa out.. terasa seperti bosan nanti.. hehe~~

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