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:: A Very Long Engagement Review :: January 19, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Love and Relationship, Movie/TV Reviews.

Un long dimanche de fiancailles

 Venue: Living room

DVD buddy : Bakkusan

The type of movie of which because the ending is good, the ‘bad’ of the last hour or so just doesn’t matter anymore.

Watching this made me see another side of IF.

I can now see IF differently from how I perceived it when I wrote ORIF. Who says you can’t learn anything from movies? heh… IF offers hope within its choices and like everything else in life, it is a matter of personal decision to say a glass half filled with water as either ‘half full’ or ‘half empty’. To a few however, having water in the glass is enough.

      “Hope is the most exciting thing in life and if you honestly believe that love is out there, it will come. And even if it doesn’t come straight away there is still that chance all through your life that it will.”

Matilde believed that her fiancee Maneche survived the war. She hoped for 3 years and got to meet him again after a long search, thus the very long engagement. Destiny played a harsh IF game with Matilde but all is well in the end.

Destiny has decided that there were meant for each other after 3 years. MMM. Matilde Marries Maneche. Maneche Marries Matilde. Not more, not less.

IF only…



1. Amoun - January 20, 2007


Jiwang la you MinCi!!
I takleh join tau conversation you yg amat la berjiwang juwang ni haha…

For what is worth… I wanna say this…
Movies can picture such a thing… Loyalty and ‘TRUE LOVE’ –> or so it was suppose to show…
But I have a strong belief that the reality is never as beautiful…
Imagine 3 YEARS??!!?!
That is just SOOOOO LONGGGG a period…
People should have moved on with their lives 😛

Well… Just a personal point of view haha…
Sebabnye aku tgk Superman Returns ari tu…
Aku punya harap banyak action… Tp tak habis2 aksi CINTAN CINTUN Clark ngan Lois… Apa kisah ni?? Patut tajuk tulis SuperJIWANG Returns haha…

But that’s not my point… Point aku adalah dek kerana Clark pergi meninggalkan bumi sebegitu sahaja, Lois move on dan kawin ngan org lain…
True Love dia ngan Clark pon tak mampu membendung keinginan Lois utk bercinta…
Biar la bkan dengan Clark pon, janji bleh berkongsi kasih sayang…

Now, that’s what I would call the REAL WORLD out there hehe 😉

Wowwww… Pjg babeng komen aku!!! 😛
Dah.. Aku stop sini 😀

2. little healer - January 20, 2007

hahahaha… aku dah tgk jugak citer superman tuh … bagi aku tkderlah SUX sgt sbb for a minute there, dia berjaya buat aku suka kat SUPERMAN… fav superhero aku adalah BATMAN by the way…
walaupun citer tuh agak byk ah scene2 kerek… hahaha…. so funnnyyyyy….

pasal LOIS move on tuh.. aku rasa dia able to buat camtuh because of the fact that Superman meninggalkan BUMI.. plus dia bercinta dgn ‘alien’.. yg peratusan kembalinyer dia ke bumi mcm tk sure… haha
still, I think LOIS tk move on sepenuhnyer because she had something to hold on to.. iaitu anak superman.. the hybrid son.. hehe

3. Puteri Nad :-( - January 20, 2007

eh ihab..
i beg to differ..
aku suka citer tu~

4. Amoun - January 20, 2007


Muahaha… You gurls MEMANG LA penuh emosi kasih sayang!!
Mmg selayaknya si ibu itu, telapak kakinya berimbau syurga… 😛

You differ la kalo u nak differ – I CANNOT TOLERATE SuperJiwang Return haha… Aku rasa sbb Heroes2 lain cam Spiderman, Batman, X-Men sumer telah menunjukkan keGAGAHan mereka yg melampau2… Jadi bila SuperJiwang ni takat tembak2 laser angkat2 berat sesaat dua buat aku tak puas hati… Tak banyak scene gaduh – I DONT LIKE!! 😀

Aku suko gocoh… Tok peduli… Nok gocoh getek!!! hahahaha…

OK la MinCi… I give you another movie yg shows the reality of the world… Citer Pearl Harbour… Haa… Kan ke menunjukkan yg we have to move on no matter what 😀

Wahuhuuu… Mari meREVIEW keKARUTan Movie Hollywood 😀

5. little healer - January 20, 2007

tuh citer ben affleck tuh eh? haish.. mana aku nak cari nih…. ok ok.. nanti aku tgk.. hahahha~~

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