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:: Siti Ku :: January 19, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Birthday Wishes, Music Reviews, Ponderings.

Wow.. the Cyber-Buzzday Celebration for Miss Syarifah Zuraiha at Amoun’s A-N-I last night was awesome. The ‘music’ was great. IF only the cake was real. Hehe.. Have to bring the bday gurl’s present here to this entry coz she likes looking at it a lot.

Anyway, you know what… I forgot to wish Siti Nurhaliza a Happy Birthday. OMG.. canne boleh lupa nih?? Hahaha.. so, wishin Kak Siti [ala2 kenal jer] a Happy Belated Birthday okay..

I was a late-comer to CT’s fanbase. The song that caught my attention was Percayalah. All those Purnama Merindu, Jerat Percintaan whatsoever wasn’t really of my taste. I kind of realized that after Percayalah, her choice of songs were a bit different. In other words, I was able to ‘terima lagu Melayu’. I went to her concert at Royal Albert Hall and whoa! I am sooooooooo going to get an original copy of that performance from the stores. Lambang menyokong Siti Nurhaliza. Hehehe~

One of my fav pics of Siti

Despite the constant critics from my mother who says she can’t sing [ I think she’s just jealous! 🙂 even then.. if I was at home, we would actually bicker over Siti ] Siti Nurhaliza will always be in my heart. 😛 Mummy.. I’ve got CT’s screensavers and wallpapers… na na na na na… hihihi

Anyway, if any of you know the lyrics for the Xin Yuan song. The duet she sang with Candy Cheah.. do let me know. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mohon dengan sangat!!!!!!!!!!!! [ gaya cerita Kiamat Sudah Dekat] I like that song a lot and have got both Mandarin and Malay version. 🙂



1. Puteri Nad :-( - January 19, 2007

hepi besday sangat siti

2. little healer - January 19, 2007

hehe… sudah 28 dia…

3. Amoun - January 20, 2007


Siti beranak bila??!
Aiyooo… If only CT = Kak Ani; for sure i can give you the lyric hahaha…

Concert RAH mmg gempar…
Tp MOTIF KO TAKDE LAGI HARD COPY performance dia??
Abg aku dah berzaman tok nenek beli CD dia haha…
Cepat cepat MinCi JGN KETINGGALAN!! 😉

To end, I’d like to say that ya statement below:
“Cyber-Buzzday Celebration for Miss Syarifah Zuraiha at Amoun’s A-N-I last night was awesome”
buat bunyi kita macam BERPARTY SAKAN plak…
Apa kes?? Virtual world has turned into reality!! hehe

4. little healer - January 20, 2007

mmg aku rasa mcm berparty sakan OK… best sgt2.. kalau kau ada yg bende counter2 tuh.. mmg naik lah number of visits ke blog kau.. hahaha

5. Amoun - January 20, 2007


Huhuhu… Great!! I like the fact the you like it!!
Tidak kertersia siaan 😀

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