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:: Together :: January 21, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Ponderings.

 I believe in the power of pooling expertise, working together as a team, supporting members of the group to arrive at a point where a particular group of people or an organization could call as a success.

Iam also aware that most people would like to claim the success as their own or at least be part of it. If they don’t, they usually branch out, hoping to achieve the similar sort of success but in what they thought their own way. Often, we see these people fail because they are not offering something new to the environment that allows such victory to be achieved. Berbelit, kan?

I don’t know about you but there’s a lot of web portals (php-nuke, phpbb based)being set up in the Malaysian local scene offering the same thing. These sites offer downloadable stuff, forums, the juiciest gossips on artists most of the time [these sites know about TV3’s presenter bikini picture long before Utusan Malaysia knew about it] etc.

Anyway,once there was this portal of which the admin copied every single thing from the layout to almost the name to call his own from another admin of a different site. WHAT the hell was he trying to prove? That he could do the same? that he could be as successful as the original admin? A success means different things to different people. Here, it means popularity across the WWW, people knowing you and adding you to their YM list even if they don’t know you in real life, worship you for that knowledge of computer softwares and codings etc.. Selagi you don’t get that recognition, you thought that the best thing to do is to start of as your own, set up your own portal, promote it to your cronies, making them your moderators, gaining traffic using all sorts of dirty ways, etc.. all this with the hope that the unknowing public would choose your portal over his.. then you’d bcome the popular bloke.

Dear dear.. if you are not offering something new, something different.. even if you do get success, it’ll take you such a long time. Really long time. And if I’m not mistaken, this new admin was a member of that copied portal just befor ehe set u[ his own. he wasn’t  the top people in the group, hence he opted out. He wasn’t going to settle as an ordinary member. He wanted to be special. Dear, I like the fact that you wouldn’t want to settle for something less but really… be original lah… damn you. Might as well offer your so called specialties to that original portal to help bring it to the next level or something. Kasik tolong lah sama rakyat Malaysia.. kata kat sekolah dah belaja ‘bersatu kita teguh’.. mana pergi??

Hmm… and now I am thinking why I’m writing this entry in the first place…

Oh yes..because I believe in that thing I said, in actions it must be manifested, rite? Cool.



1. spafighting - March 22, 2007

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