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:: Bla bla bla :: January 22, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

yes.. I memang pemarah..

First of all I would like to complain about my internet connection. It is like sooooooo SURINDER type today. My NortonVirus update thingy is also acting up with this alert warning of TROJAN virus etc. Weyy.. I’ve installed and restarted the updated version already. Quit with it, can ah??  Is there another earthquake going on that I should know about? The constant ‘disconnection’ dampened my mood to write about the DiGeorge Syndrome. Maybe I should do my Pink Panther review first to lighten up. Haha…

2ndly, congratulations to Adibah Noor for winning Juara Lagu with the song Terlalu Istimewa. I succeeded watching TV3 streaming at syoktv website for 14 minutes only before all of a sudden the maximum capacity was reached. What??? How could that be? Boleh ker main curik2 ‘seat’??

3rdly, I just want to announce the fact that I’m enjoying my paedatrics rotation. So nice….. I loike I loike. A lot of work as compared to the previous module but it’s fun. Suka sangat!!!

4thly, I LOVE ALL OF YOU… Muah muah muah…. 🙂



1. Puteri Nad :-( - January 22, 2007

u love surinder oso?

2. little healer - January 22, 2007

MINUS Surinder…

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