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:: One way to my heart :: January 29, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life, Music Reviews.

There’s a saying that goes like this: The way to a man’s heart is food and sex.

A woman’s heart? So many… 😛

As for me. Cute babies are one of em.

Received an email from my best fren today. She forwarded pictures of her niece. So cute! So comell !! Before, she was like bulat and pendek <–That is to quote Mimie. hehe.. Ah.. what better way to ease the stress after a day of hard work…

not forgetting my other stress reliever…

I love this version. Nih yang tak sabar nak balik Malaysia OK.. sbb nak beli DVD..huhu~



1. me - January 29, 2007

kak min pg ker konsert siti kt royal albert hall tuh??
saye ade sorg niece and 2 nephews..dh la sorg tu bru je lahir nov..
cant wait til july..nk balek jgak…..

2. little healer - January 29, 2007

yes dear.. I did got to that RAH concert.. yeepeee.. BEST SGT!!!

wow… ada niece + nephew… so nice… hmph.. if got lotsa money lebey or if my parents wanna sponsor me, then maybe I’ll go back in summer for 3 weeks in August.. heh.. 😛 *in my dreams

3. Puteri Nad :-( - January 29, 2007

owh sex ke ok..tampa lelaki demikian..

the way to my heart? kekelakaran tanpa batasan..

4. little healer - January 29, 2007

pijak kan skali.. thanks..heh

yea.. a funny guy sgt tinggi sahamnya…

5. LaDy FaNtAgHiRo - January 30, 2007

hahaha… owwwhhh nad.. maka tahu lah rahsia nape dia minat baez.. muahahahaha ;p [mati lah mamo rahsiakan~]

6. little healer - January 30, 2007

oooooooooooo… kak syifa!!!! kita dua org wajib berkalbat pasal NAD… hahha

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