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:: HumanMetrics Personality test :: January 30, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Just For Fun.


   -It’s beauty that captures your attention; personality which captures your heart- 

I did this Humanmetrics test and found out that I am…

Your Type is

You are:

  • distinctively expressed introvert
  • slightly expressed intuitive personality
  • moderately expressed feeling personality
  • slightly expressed judging personality

Then there were a few description on how an INFJ person is and I am so glad for most of the descriptions are like soooooooooo true. So, people.. please read it if you want to understand the type of person I am. If I may add, WE are not losers though admittedly to succeed, we’d have to find a way to use our personality to it’s maximum potential.

I’ve done this before when I attended a counselling session in school for my ‘problems’. I remembered getting an introvert trait as well back then. Some things just don’t change and I’m happy with my introvert self. Being extrovert doesn’t make any of you any better than me for you’d be sure to have weaknesses as well. We are after all not perfect.

Thanks Dark Angel for the link.



1. Hannan - January 30, 2007

salam. lovely blog… love the photos..

2. Puteri Nad :-( - January 30, 2007

nad plak kan..da wat ari tu



3. Puteri Nad :-( - January 30, 2007

aik x kuar lak komen2 orang da letak kat situ..terus boikot wordpress dementia

4. little healer - January 30, 2007

thx.. gambar tuh courtesy of sxc website.

it’s ok.. i have read ur results kat blog kak syifa.. 🙂

5. me - January 30, 2007

my results(nk jgak tu)..hehh

Your Type is

6. little healer - January 31, 2007

wahhhhhhhhhhh….. sama!!!!!!!!!!!
well ‘me’, we are going to be successful in life I tell you.. haha 🙂

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