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:: Dinner is served :: January 31, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life, Medical School.

Ever since we had the dinner table, everyone can be properly seated and have a nice meal. It used to be meals in front of the TV but now we could have a proper setting. Good postures, great exchange of informations on what happened to everyone throughout the day.. Other than sharing those serious medical knowledge, we had our usual dose of laughter as funny incidents never failed to happen to any one of us. If not, silly thoughts on things.

Like for today, the subject on MRI Scans came up.

MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging.  This type of scan uses magnetism to build up a picture of the inside of the body instead of X-rays. more here

Bakkusan and I had the chance to go to the MR room before. First,we had to sign a form clarifying if we’ve had previous surgery or any sort of metal placed within our body cavity. There have been cases of which someones pacemaker melted in the room, another case had a clip that is used for managing aneurysms melting too causing the patient to bleed to death.

So, you could imagine the strength of the magnet in that scan machine. Bakkusan and I were of course worried if our brooch on the hijab would get caught by the magnet thus causing us to fly across the room and get stuck! So, to be safe, we took it out and just tied our hijab ‘duck-style’.

Since there’s 5 silly girls eating dinner together, it’s no surprise that anything serious can be humorous instantly.

Bakkusan forgot to take of her earrings that day and we burst out laughing imagining her ears being pulled apart. Then, someone asked, ‘what if we’re wearing a wired bra?’

Now in my head, a scene from Spirited Away came to mind. The part when Chihiro was told to come in by that old lady.

Heh 😛



1. daju - January 31, 2007

bestla ur hse..ade tv lounge..dinner table..2 tingkt kan if i’m nt mistaken..
sini..dok aprtment jela..huh..dulu2..kecik2..if pg mengaji slalu pkai tudung ‘duck-style’..haha..

2. little healer - January 31, 2007

wakakaka… i live in banglo u know.. tkderlah..
terkejut sbb fikir, ‘sapa lah daju nih’..
cik ‘me’ rupanyer… cool… now kan call you daju without having to put ‘me’ in brackets…
wahhhhhhhhhh… dok apartmen tuh… bunyi mcm mewah OK.. 😛
yes.. itulah trend tudung bebudak mengaji masa tuh.. duck-style… hahaha 🙂

3. daju - February 1, 2007

haha..bley2..tuh my batch name mase high school..tp skrg mcm…sume org pn pnggil..banglo ekk..best ape….aptment..kecik je..xmewah langsong but currently i live on campus la..next sem pindah dok aptment..dpt masak2..

4. fiza - February 1, 2007

pasni kene ati2 ngan wired bra
anda tak mahu kehilangan “barang berharga” kan?

5. little healer - February 1, 2007

eish… fiza nih… heh 😛

6. LaDy FaNtAgHiRo - February 2, 2007

hahaha korg ni.. ada2 aje lah… but MRI tu biasanya di handle oleh student fizik yg amik medical fizik as their main course… same goes to all those radiotherapy stuffs… minat gak akk nak masuk medical fizik but when i have to go to hospital [might as well terserempak dgn mayat~!] terus kensel.. hehehe ;p

7. little healer - February 2, 2007

alaaaaaaaaaaa… knp akak tk masuk.. huhuhu~~ 😛

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