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:: Join WalkEars :: February 1, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Current Events, Everyday Life, Just For Fun, Mini Projects, Ponderings.


Oi, listen up! and show you’re all ears for Comic Relief. 

Walkers Crisps have teamed up with Comic Relief to launch Walk’Ears’. They are giving away thousands of big lugs to help raise £1,000,000 for Comic Relief – the money raised really helps change the lives of some of the poorest and most disadvantaged people in Africa and the UK.

For a free pair of WALK’EARS’ and the opportunity to donate to Comic Relief click online at www.walkears.com

Subject to availability – see website for full terms and conditions.

Source: Behind my 6 pack Prawn Cocktail Crisp.

Miahaha~~~ I have requested for my EARS, can’t wait for em to arrive. 😛



1. Harding - February 2, 2007

Found your blog when i was surfing for Anuar Zain “perpisahan” ‘s lyric. Nice songs and nicely maintained blog.

2. little healer - February 2, 2007

thank you.. hopped to ur blog and boy i was overjoyed to see Cher’s Strong Enough song there… had a fun time listening to it… 🙂

3. katie - March 6, 2007


4. rachelmccamphill - March 15, 2007

hi every one how are you alldoin hope you all have good day tomorrow

5. little healer - March 15, 2007

My hospital is collecting donations tomorrow and the undergraduate department is encouraging everybody to wear RED for REd Nose Day..

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