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:: A History of Violence :: February 2, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Movie/TV Reviews.

Everyone’s got something to hide

Venue : Living Room

DVD Buddy/s : Bakussan*, Miyaki* 

Googled ‘A History of Violence’ and hundreds of good reviews came up. I was like HUh? Should I watch it again? Or is this one of those ‘Rakyat Malaysia bukanlah Rakyat USA’ syndrome?

I don’t quite get the motive of the story despite the many synopsis out there.For me, it was of picisan standard. Ok.. maybe I am wrong but really, should I watch it again? I think I’d rather watch it on Mr Olson’s screenplay instead, or read the comic itself. I don’t really know what put me off.

Oh, I think I do.

It must be that little girl who got shot early on in the movie. The one who came out of the room looking a bit ‘weird’. Or maybe it was that not cute Sarah’s poor acting and BIG voice..’ Mom..did you forget my shoe?’ Duh..

All in all, I am HAMPA. Yalah.. the fighting and sex scenes are like whoa.. but is that all??

After 96 minutes, the only point to ponder I got from it was, ‘Wait..is that the so called Position 69?’ [this is what happens when you bloghop to an adult blog by random]

Again.. cerita yang mengHAMPAkan.

No medical review I’m afraid.



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