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:: Happy Birthday Nadhrah :: February 3, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Birthday Wishes.

Princess Nad – a rare breed of humankind
Of a youthful spirit and a heart so kind
Who touches the lives of lost souls like mine
With grace and love that’s so divine

                                                                 – Pujangga SEPI-Tal –

Happy Birthday my dear friend, I hope our friendship lasts till The End.

Believe it or not, I haven’t met this lovely petite girl in my life! At all! We’ve only been chatting and reading each other’s blog and if people hadn’t known that we were cyber friends, they would have thought we were schoolmates or something.

Strangers as we may seem, I think she knows quite a lot about myself and how I ‘function’ in daily life. Perhaps 3rd in line for the best ever source anyone would ever want to find out about myself if they ever want to write an autobiography of myself. First being my bestfriend and 2nd would probably be my current housemates. I happened to portray a different side of myself to these different people. As for Nad, I’m not sure which side izzit that I’m showing. Heh 😛

She has been my ‘pelampung’ [wat do u call that thing again?] when I nearly drowned before my lifeguard came..[huh,wat kind of analogy is that?] Although she’s younger than I am, she has emerged as the more mature being as compared to myself. Sometimes I couldn’t help thinking how lucky I am to have met this wonderful young lady, how grateful I am to God for allowing me to be friends with her.

As of today, other than wishing her a Happy Birthday, I’d also like to thank her for all her support during my Depression and Psychotic times. I appreciate her advice and am grateful for all the prayers that she’s done for me all this while. All her unconditional love, everything!

Nad, if ever you’re reading this… I’d also like you to know that I’m baking a Strawberry Pie for you here in Preston and WE are going to help you eat it since you’re not here.. hehe 😛 [insert emoticon setan gelak2 di sini]. I will post the picture of the PIE for you to see once I finish baking em tomorrow morning.

Sample: My PIE should look sumtin like this..we’ll see



1. Que - February 3, 2007

happy birthday nad…. kat mana ko skang?

yasmin kenal dr amjad husein ke? consultant radiologist north manc and trafford spital…. kes die sangat menarik!!!

2. little healer - February 3, 2007

dia kat bristol khabarnyer…

tak kenal dr area manc ngan trafford.. kenal dr kat preston jer..

3. Amoun - February 3, 2007

Salam ya Minci!!

Thanks for telling me!! Haram aku tatau menau.. Apo jo haha.. Hotak aku ni lambat update 😀

Wishing all the BEST for NurNadhrah!! Selamat Hari Jadi!!
Sorry takde lagu kat ko.. But hopefully something else will do the magic hehe..

Selamat Ari Lahir lagi sekali… Dan Selamat Menjadi Tua!!

4. hata - February 3, 2007

hepi besday kakminci
eh silap
hepi besday bintik

5. nad di bristol - February 3, 2007

motif sgt sumerorang kat pweston makan my pie..
tampar korang2 sumer tampa menangis2..

que haidar,
haha mekaseh..mana present beijing?

sudehla ko,aku majuks..

kakmin ur my pelampong oso..

6. hata - February 3, 2007

apakah tampa menangis2?

7. little healer - February 3, 2007

disebabkan kau sibok berpindah randah, maka kau diampunkan…

oh dear..terbolok plak dia..

ngeh ngeh ngeh.. tkleh nk mkn pie tuh lagi sbb ada org tgh pose.. but keep a look out for the pictures ah.. 😛

8. hata - February 3, 2007

yang karya pujangga tu membuatkan ku nannes 1 litre of tears

9. little healer - February 3, 2007

oh dear… maka bagi fluid resuscitation..

10. wasaii - February 3, 2007

ngee~da letak gamba stroberi pie ko kat wasaii..tp xde yg lemon..kne mintak hudatul..yeah..puisi cinte ko yasmin, kpd natrah adelah sgt bes wokei..tros jato cinte..ngahaha..ni, apa nk ckp…pelampong tuh buoy ke eh..cmne nk pronounce die..

11. little healer - February 3, 2007

ah betul.. BUOY… dah nak pikir LIFEBOAT tadi.. heh 😛

12. nad di bristol - February 3, 2007

aaaaaaaaaaaa………….nak kekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk dan pieeeeeee
owh dear me so jeles

13. nad di bristol - February 3, 2007

jet …i lap u..n i lap tesco too

14. fiza - February 3, 2007

why nad lap tesco??
why?? mengapa??

15. fiza - February 3, 2007

ekceli..tesco mesti di”boycott”

16. little healer - February 3, 2007

nad tgh makan trifle..hehe

17. nad di bristol - February 4, 2007

kenapakah boycott tesco..nad jumpa banyak makanan vegetarian yg best giler nak mati nak mati..hehehe

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