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:: IV drip rate :: February 6, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Medical School.

If there is a will, there is a way.

Finally, I learnt how to set the IV drip rate thingy. The staff nurse had been a great help.

Say you were to administer 6oml of fluid in an hour to an adult. [cause in children, you don’t set this up manually, you’d have to use a machine]

So in 1 hour there’s 60 minutes, therefore in 1 minute you’d have to give 1 ml of fluids.Behind the IV pack, there is stated how many drops is euivalent to 1 ml. So, you would adjust necessarily using that rolling thing. Yayyyyyyyyyyy… I wish I knew this before the OSCEs last year.



1. nad di bristol - February 6, 2007

huwe huwe..
tahniah kakmin,
nad on d other hand tetap x reti

2. little healer - February 6, 2007

kuhik kuhik…
thanks.. dun worry, u’ll get it one day

3. wasaii - February 6, 2007

lapa..lapa..kami da nak mati da..

4. little healer - February 6, 2007

glucose transfusion coming rite up…

5. Muka Qetat - February 6, 2007

napa aku rasa korang blajar lagi banyak menda clinical stufff????
ajar l;a lagi menda2 lain!

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