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:: Happy Birthday Fiza :: February 8, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Birthday Wishes.

Happy 24th I wish to you
None other than that lady in blue

 – Pujangga SEPI-Tal –

The theme was ‘Begitulah masyarakat Cina’. Everyone had to wear something red and sit before a wonderful spread. Unfortunately, I cannot show any pictures as Miyaki* hasn’t uploaded her pictures yet. Later eyy?

We had red and white balloons as decorations, proper chopsticks and bowls as cutleries. The menu was devised by Bakkusan and the cooking task was assisted by both Miyaki and I. We had..

  1. Fried rice Chinese style
  2. Fried chicken shred with Mango
  3. Stir fry Vegetables – beansprouts, shitake mushrooms, etc
  4. Steamed fish
  5. Dark Chocolate Cake with a Snowman on top
  6. Tea

After the meal, Fiza opened her birthday presents and boy did we get a lot of  ‘fun’ things for her. Haha~~ 😛

The celebration did not ended there as we continued the ‘party’ with watching a DVD – Take The Lead. It was a good watch.

I hope Miyaki  transfers her pictures soon. Can’t wait to show the snowman on top of the cake. Next month, we are trying something Mexican. Areeeebaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!



1. wasaii - February 8, 2007

epi besday

2. Amoun - February 8, 2007


Yaa Allahhhh… Semenjak dua menjak ni bkan main banyak org menyambut hari lahir… Apa kes nih?? haha…

Awat la korg2 ni cepat sangat kuar dari uterus ibu masing2?? huhuh…

Di kesempatan ini… Diucapkan SELAMAT ULANG TAHUN buat FIZA… Walaupon kita tak serapat mana… Terima2 je la ucapanku ini ngan ati terbuka hehe…

MinCi!! I like ya PURDAH style.. Soooo dodgyyy hahaha…

Btw… Tulis setakat dua perenggan, motif claim menulis PANJANG di taggy aku?? haha… u have to do better to challenge my PANJANGness ok 😛

3. daju - February 8, 2007

happy 24th birthday..
have a great one..=)

4. LaDy FaNtAgHiRo - February 8, 2007

birthday fiza eh.. happy2 birthday ~!!! nak nyanyi… nak nyanyi..


selamat hari tua ~~~ 😉

5. Amoun - February 8, 2007


Ish.. Apa ni Syifa… Org nyanyi Allah Selamatkan Kamu dulu…
Pastu baru di-ikuti ngan Happy Birthday To You…
And then finishing line, kita berDayung Sampan!!

Dayung Sampan… Dayung Dayung Sampan…
Datang Dari Kotaraya London… Sampai ke Manchester…
Aduhai Cik Adik.. Sampai ke Manchester……
Dayung… Dayung… Dayung Dayung Sampaannnn… Hey!!!

Sambung Syifa!! hahahaha….

6. little healer - February 9, 2007

There’s so many people I know are celebrating their birthdays in February.. isn’t that awesome? Cool…

hoho.. purdah style tuh mmg dodgy.. nampka tk mata aku terjegil di sebalik kain tuh.. hehe~ tgh pegang sate masa tuh..

You are next.. be ready to embrace warm wishes from The Chosen Flower..

Kak syifa,
hehe.. semangatnyer akak nyanyi…

eh.. kau lagi.. tkper2.. I like I like.. *demand bday song bulan OGOS nanti 😛

7. fiza - February 9, 2007

terima kasih semua
thanks for the wishes
thanks for the cards
thanks for the presents
thanks for the chinese foods

n thanks for loving me
sayang semua

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