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:: Fiza’s Party :: February 9, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Birthday Wishes, Everyday Life, Food and Drinks.

The party’s theme was ‘Begitulah Masyarakat Cina’

Miyaki was very kind and creative to design a tanglung-like cover for the dining room’s lights. As you could see, we have a ‘family photo’ on the wall and there were red and white balloons as deco. If we had ‘colok’ and a bowl of mandarin oranges, it could have looked like a shrine. 😛

Tanglung – Fish design 

The dishes, the chopsticks and the bowls. 

From left : Chicken shred with mango, Chinese style fried rice, steamed fish, stir fry vegetables.


Then there was the legendary dark chocolate cake with a Snowman on top.

Snowman merajuk coz had to sit behind candles…he then tried to ‘attack’ Miyaki but

Miyaki got to him first..

sagittal view

Since Bakkusan and I will be on an oncall this weekend… my alter ego, Momok Gilos [lambang terpengaruh citer Heroes] will be updating The Chosen Flower for me.



1. wasaii - February 9, 2007

kretipnye..apeka alter ego?adeka cm jekyll n hyde?

2. little healer - February 9, 2007

ehehehe.. a ah…

3. daju - February 9, 2007

mmg btol2 ikut theme..siap gune chopstick lg..bgos..
smpai skrg daju xreti gune..hmm…

4. wasaii - February 9, 2007

esok jd hyde ke?bes gak jd jahat sok..

5. deqnad - February 10, 2007

kak fiza..
samat ari jadi..
masa 8hb nad kat eire tau..fon nad x roaming..ehehehe..

tunggu~~ :p sampai lambat kot..ahahahah

6. fiza - February 11, 2007

thanks nad
jalan leklok yer
semoga selamat semua~

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