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:: My name is Momok Gilos :: February 10, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life, Just For Fun, Karya Pujangga SEPI-Tal, Mini Projects.

Trying to get close to the pies

My name is Momok Gilos

My name is Momok Gilos.
The keeper of Minci Yazumin’s automated entries.
I sneek and peek at what Minci do
I’m not only invisible, I’m invincible too…

I’m black and white
With a touch of grey
Colourless but not dull
As I’m cheeky n like to play

I studied with Minci at home yesterday
On hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
                        – A heart that dies any day
The chambers dilate
Pushing your fate
Surprising enough
With exercise you faint!

It’s 1 in 500
Like Down’s Syndrome, it’s not rare
With an echo and a check
You life can be spared

HOCM.. a silent killer, beware!

 – Momok Gilos and Pujangga SEPI-Tal –

Stealing a bit of pie from Tulip’s* spoon

Wanted more but got caught..opppsss



1. fiza - February 10, 2007

kakmin momok comel

2. little healer - February 10, 2007

momok penat

3. deqnad - February 10, 2007

ni kat poland..x balek gik~~ hehe..sampai umah slasa nie..

4. Amoun - February 11, 2007


Hahahaha… Whattaaaa!! GILER COMEL RITE THIS MOMOK!!
Hahaha… Aiyooo kalo betul ada momok camni aku pon nak bela seko ok!! haha…

Grand sih gaya editing gambar ko.. Bagus bagus!!
YasminCi makin GARANG!! yearghhh!! 😛

5. little healer - February 11, 2007

oh.. nih momok spesel.. high maintenance punyer.. 😛

olohhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. nad lmbt lagik ker nk balik… huhu

6. wasaii - February 11, 2007

tangan gelang itam tu aku ke?wahaha..

7. little healer - February 12, 2007

a ah..
aku baru perasan yg aku ada senduk as tanduk..

8. baez - February 12, 2007

momok gilosssssssss
nak kenalllllllllllllllll
comelnyeh gambar2 ittiew
dan poem itu sgt citarasa

9. little healer - February 12, 2007


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