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:: Rants :: February 11, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Medical School.

Maybe I should get a personal masseuse (is that how you spell it) once I can afford it. Yea.. like Xtina Aguilera. A massage is a good antidote to weariness – MY weariness. A massage or any sort of gentle pressure on the body. Jap gi adalah org dtg pijak aku 🙂 A reflexology would be good too.

or this

I’m still trying to think what I’ve learned from my atas-panggilan (OC)yesterday. There wasn’t a  moment to revise. By the end of the session, I was like a heavy sponge.

Got home –> wash up –> watch CSI:NY –> had tuna lasagne for dinner –> and then all of a sudden there was a blackout. Darn!

I’ve got another OC today. It is going to be a very busy week.



1. Amoun - February 11, 2007


Giler ON CALL memanjang ni!! haha..
Tell u sumthing.. Aku pon patut ada On Call.. Tp aku tanak gi…

Teruk la diorg ni dok kasi kita On Call segala macam.. Thing is, WE ARE NOT YET DOCTORS.. I understand the fact that we might need more and more experience.. Tp cam ko cakap… Kengkadang gi OC ni bkannye dapat apa2 pulangan pon.. Pegi tangan kosong.. Balik pon tangan kosong… APA PEKDAH??

On Call ni really depends on people rasanya.. Kalo highly motivated byk la kot bleh dapat.. Itu pon KOT.. Depend on department banyak nak kasi peluang kat kita buat benda tak.. Ada sekali aku On Call before this.. Haram tak dapat buat apa.. Duduk tercangok buang masa 3 jam.. Dapat clerk SATU PATIENT JE!!

Is it worth all the wait?? Standing stone for 3 hours and CLERKING ONLY ONE PATIENT!!??!! U tell me huhuhuu..

For what is worth… Weekend ni.. Aku takmoh gi On Call haha.. Next week pon dah start posting baru.. I rather spend some time relax2 utk start Locomotive rot. baca2 balik bebenda A&E or Anaesthetic rather than going for On Calls…

So Cik MinCi.. Lain kali kalo rasa penat2 tu.. BUNK je the ATAS PANGGILAN hahaha… –> godaan syaithan jangan diturut (pesanan penaja) 🙂

2. daju - February 11, 2007

sometimes..after one hectic day..balek..lie down on my bed wishing if kna massage pn best jgak..sometimes feel like nk pg spa..haha..ngade2 (xpnah pn)

if ade massage chair boleh jd peganti for masseuse..hehh…

3. little healer - February 11, 2007

bila masalah plak aku cakap tkder pulangan.. oh dear.. aku tulis tk clear rupanya… mungkin aku patut tambah.. ‘coz i’m exhausted’ kat situ.. hehe

tp btullah ckp ko.. depends kpd brp motivated nyer kau.. pastuh.. personaliti dokto yg kau shadow…

ohh.. now I wanna get one of those batu plastik to walk on.. cool.. or foot vibrator thingy..

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