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:: Checking On Myself :: February 17, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Medical School, Ponderings.

 A few days ago, Robbie Williams checked himself into a rehab centre. He admitted to being addicted to prescribed medications i.e antidepressants and sleeping pills. In one of the papers, I read that he had about 36 shots of Espresso and 20 cans of red bull a DAY! Now that is a lot of ‘substance’ to take in and me being my good self was saying, ‘Whoa, how could someone ever come to that?’

Well.. you point one finger to others and the other 4 would be pointing back to you unless you point the Dr Cirrhosis* way.

I look at myself and I find that I could bring harm onto myself without realising it, if I haven’t been doing my own self-check from time to time. I am at risk of;

  1. Dehydration – for my lack of plain water consumption on top off my addiction for caffeine (tea and coffee, these beverages just taste so nice!). Consequently, I would loss appetite to eat –> lose too much weight, anorexic) –> affect menstrual cycle –> general irritability –>repel human interactions –> depression –> crazy –> die.
  2. Overdose – Painkillers mostly. If 1 pill doesn’t work, I’d easily pop in a 2nd and 3rd and forget totally about the dose and the time. And I usually take the 500mg one. Thankfully, any sort of pain hasn’t required me to have like 8 pills in one go!
  3. Self-harm – it’s either I cut myself with a knife, bump into a chair/table, burn myself in the oven or electrocute my finger in the toaster if I don’t focus enough.
  4. and so on

In medicine, we learn about ‘sign-posting’ when taking a history from a patient. Meaning that we check with the patient about the important points they’ve mentioned before. We repeat the story back to them. In life, we need to give the same sort of reality check too if we do not wish to just wither away like a dead flower.

My reality check right now says that I may need new shoes to prevent my bunion- affected-foot from suffering. Well Manchester, see you tomorrow then!

* Dr Cirrhosis is one of my consultants who have this style of pointing to patients. Mudah diajuk oleh MomokGilos seperti biasa.



1. baez - February 18, 2007

erm daku orang ke berapa komenan ni ok
btwkan, sgt citarasa jua kopi2, daku suka nescafe white ok sgt citarasa huhuhu~
kakmin jgn makan panadol ibarat melebihi toxic dose, 12-15g katanya sekaligus nanti liver failure dan perlu amek antidote n acetyl cysteine secepat mungkin

2. Puteri Nad :-( - February 18, 2007

owh kakmin,
sila proteksi diri dari melakukan perkara2 tak baik sepeti robbie nie

3. Amoun - February 18, 2007


Wohohohooo… EXAGERATE ok ko nyer rentetan perjalanan dehydration tu haha… Aku pon suka suki gak kat Coffee Tea… Tp takdok la kot ke tahap yg pengakhiran-nyer bley bawa ke MATI kot wahuhuhu…

Tp tu la.. Ko pompuan.. Ku laki… Dalam rentetan rantaian dehydration aku tu takkan ada ‘affect menstrual cycle’ –> wohohooo LUCKY ME!! 😛

But still.. Pengakhiran MATI tu sangat takley terima hanya kerana addiction to COFFEE & TEA ok 😛

4. little healer - February 18, 2007

U org first ok.. baeklah Dr.. ur point is noted..

as ususal.. I nih kan suka exaggerate tah paper..

sungguhpun ko tkder menstrual cycle, ko ada semen cycle ( 70 hari kan? tak sure ).. maka sila ganti di situ.. hahahaha… oh.. like i said to nad, i mmg suka ezejeret ok.. 😛

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