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:: GUBU :: February 17, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

 The GUBU YM conference was a blast. 2 members were not present. One is busy and the other due to a different time zone. We had new GUBUans – WanZue and Fiza. Welkam dearsss.. [as you can see.. GUBUans are very generous with their dears and darlingss as everyone is loved and cared by each other]. I am happy to have met WanZue before and to meet him again. Perhaps this time boleh lagi bonding seperti mana ahli GUBU yang lain. Heh 😛

Topics in conference;

  1. Welcoming new members
  2. Promotion of Wenkt’s pixels
  3. Dispute manja over the various ‘cinta-triangle olok2’ between GUBUans
  4. GUBU reunion in August this year in Malaysia
  5. God knows what else

So far, we ‘clik’. Unexplained chemistry! Till we meet again in the next conference. Teleport to this blog if you want to hear Dikir GUBU.



1. Puteri Nad :-( - February 17, 2007

welkam abang wan 🙂

2. fiza - February 17, 2007

thanks kakmin
sgt sonok bergossip ok
masih adekah yg merajuk?

3. WanZue - February 17, 2007

Puteri Nad,

Thank you. i feel very much welcomed here.thanks to all. we are happy family. motiffff kak fiza tanye soalan kat nad. sila jawab

kakmin? sy nie abg wan ker? lol

let God’s love unite us all,
wanzue@abg wan

4. little healer - February 17, 2007

we are family.. ive got all my sistas (n braders) wif me.. woohooo

5. fiza - February 17, 2007

tak sedia lg nk panggey abg wan

6. baez - February 18, 2007

hello kepada akak2 angkatku yang da 2 orng iaitulah kakmin dan kakfiza gamaknye, sape merajok ok

7. Amoun - February 18, 2007


Wahuhuu!! Yerp yerp!!
Definitely DA BEST conf we’ve ever had!!
Gamaknyer pon conf kita ni yg ke-3 rite?? At least for me la hehe…

Dont make this the LAST!! We def. want MORE AND MORE of MASA MESRA BERSAMAAAA hehehe…

8. little healer - February 18, 2007

bukan U ker ok?

yes.. looking forward to more conference and hopefully without U disappearing like biskut..

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