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:: Season 6 :: February 17, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Uncategorized.

Another season of madness. The top 24 will be announced next week on ITV1.

I haven’t got any preference from the girl’s side yet. Chris Sligh.. you have my vote.



1. daju - February 17, 2007

blake lewis pn ok..ehehh..

2. jet - February 17, 2007

kami lg ok daju.hoho..

3. Amoun - February 18, 2007


Wohohohooo… Giler babeng rite Group Show diorg ni…
Aku rasa sbb Blake ada yg buat best!! hehe… Justin Timber styleeee 😉
Though having said that, aku rasa dia susah nak survive ALONE…

We’ll see NEXT WEEK!!
Awal sangat la nak cakap preference…

4. little healer - February 18, 2007

that’s the beatboxing guy rite? it’ll be interesting to see him compete for the american idol title..

apanyer.. 😛

best kan? aku suka sgt.. yerp, we’ll see next week. hari sabtu kol 1.25 ptg (rasanyer) on ITV1

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