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:: Crazy sheep :: February 19, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Just For Fun.

I have two sheeps playing on my screen. One leaping like mad, the other pee-ing everywhere.

They run, bounce, cry, guling2, eat, pooh, pee, perform acrobat stunts, get sick, fall in love and thank god… they sleep too. When they yawn, they  make a really really loud noise. They even take a shower!!  They can grow in numbers and just now, there was one with a black face.

You can also move them around with your mouse. If you let them play on your screen long enough, you’ll see a spaceship and seconds later, a sheep will zoom from the top of your screen with fire on its wool  like a meteor. Or get abducted by that spacecraft!

I love my sheeps 😛



1. fiza - February 19, 2007

ade spaceship ke?
kamben aku sampai tido je
tak acik ni

2. Zy - February 19, 2007

ohoo… teringat zaman Tamagotchi a.k.a digital pet.. anyway, I went to see our beloved dr this morning. It was supposed to be an assessment session with him. I nearly banged my head against the wall when he asked me,”is this ur last week with me?” ohh sweet..my so-called study period is down the drain now. have to see him again this wednesday. nvr thought that he is that perfectionist.

3. Puteri Nad :-( - February 19, 2007

ooo nad ada kuchennn

4. daju - February 20, 2007

comel gile ade sheep kt computer..
ape fungsi?? hehh..

5. little healer - February 20, 2007

ada fiza.. kau klik jer sumer kotak yg ada kat situ..aku tk paham bahasa aper tuh.. so i tick all..

oh dear.. i understand perasaan mu bagaimana.. mengapa enggak dijelaskan sahaja

oh..so nice

haha… tkder fongsi khusus selain menghiburkan…

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