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:: Happy Birthday Danial :: February 19, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Birthday Wishes.

Danial will be 15 today. MY GOD.. he IS a big boy. My parents have been saying that he is in his turbulent teens now. Therefore, it’s the good cop – bad cop parenting style at its best. Only this time, my dad is the bad cop and he is watching Danial very very closely. During my time, my mom was the bad cop and now with her 2 daughters free from prison away from home, she has become more like our parole officer. Haha~

Danial may be the most quiet among us siblings but he’s the one with the brains. I have the looks after Nora dropped her Miss Beautiful title when she grew horizontally. Matin is the most cunning of us lot.

Danial’s name was chosen by me and my sister. At the time, another option was Farid but we worry that he will be called ‘Parit’ by his friends. The other is Fitri but it just didn’t masuk with my dad’s name. We finally agreed on Danial because it has a good meaning (prophet), it’s short and it has an English flavour to it.

My mother often says that Danial is very much like me in certain ways. What way? I have no idea. I know that Danial bonded better with me than Nora when he was younger. I mean I was the one who ‘dodoikan dia tidur’, did his bottled milk, help him with this and that, the one he kinda confide with bla bla bla.. so maybe lar from there we seem to be alike? Mirror psychology kind of thing? ntah..

Anyway, he’s grown up now and eventhough I’m like thousands of miles away, I never forget to tell him that if there is anything that he doesn’t want to discuss with my parents, at least tell me or Nora. I just hope he listens!

Happy birthday Danial. Kakak love you.



1. Puteri Nad :-( - February 19, 2007

yaaa..unsur2 strike amat tak ku tahanin dong..

anyway danial,happy birthday..
kakak is here for u too..:p

2. little healer - February 19, 2007

unsur strike tuh canne..

3. kd - February 19, 2007

Happy birthday dear brother.

Jangan fening-feningkan kepala parents ye..

4. Puteri Nad :-( - February 19, 2007

yang gini kakmin sorang yg normal

5. Puteri Nad :-( - February 19, 2007

i say dia tak strikekan..

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