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:: NIdJI – Breakthru’ :: February 19, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Music Reviews.

On top of Mandarin, Hindi, Arabic, Japanese and Spanish, I think I would love to learn how to speak Indonesian. And maybe Brunei as well.

Anyway, I’ve just had a listen to Nidji’s Breakthru’ Album and I think it’s fabulous. I first heard them when the CD was played on the kitchen radio by one of my housemates. Hearing the first 3 English songs, I asked her ‘What band is this?’ she said ,’Nidji’ and I was like ‘seriously?’

Nidji is a band from Jakarta, Indonesia. Formed in 2002, Nidji’s name from the Japanese word niji, meaning rainbow.

Their music can be classified under by Alternative Pop. The band consists of Giring (vocalist), Andro (bassist), Run-D (keyboardist), Rama (guitarist), Ariel (guitarist), and Adri (drummer). They have released four singles so far singles Child, Sudah, Hapus Aku, and “Kau dan Aku”. Each has enjoyed massive domestic airplay. – Wikipedia

1 – Child
2 – Disco Lazy Time
3 – Breakthrough
4 – Bila ku jatuh cinta
5 – Engkau
6 – Heaven
7 – Kau dan aku
8 – Sudah
9 – Hapus aku
10 – Manusia sempurna

Their English songs sound a bit like The Killers and U2 kind of music. Of all 4 English tracks, I think my favourite is Heaven. I thought the starting of Heaven (the guitar part) had a resemblance to Yui’s Rolling Star (Bleach anime soundtrack) but it may be my imagination. I’ve read somewhere that Child has a video clip. Now that is something to search!

Bila ku jatuh cinta, Sudah, Kau dan Aku – Although these are ‘hits’, I find them OK to my liking. Not the type of song I would play over and over again.

Engkau – My housemates and I are still puzzled as to why the lyrics has ‘Aku bukan seorang pembohong, aku WANITA biasa’.. anybody know why? This is one of my favs.

Hapus aku – Love this track a lot especially this part ‘Yakinkan aku tuhan…’ Makes you remember about God a bit.

Manusia sempurna – This song made me cry for no reason while studying in the darkness of my room. With only my study lamp to shed some light to my reading. The tune had a ‘distant’ feeling to it. Gave some sense of ‘end, lost, despair, hopeless’ and that is depressing. Heh~~



1. Puteri Nad :-( - February 19, 2007

as usual..kalu kakmin wajin 🙂

2. daju - February 20, 2007

your review mcm menarik je..
trpkse search lpas nih..heh

3. shadowX_19 - February 20, 2007

huhu. byk tul album band indon ni kuar. taktau nak layan mane satu. hhhuuh

4. little healer - February 20, 2007

yep.. weekend huh…

pliss do..

waaaaaaa… lama tak nampak kau …layan ah album nih … 🙂

5. emma - June 29, 2007

I read somewhere that there is a story behind the song “Engkau” . It’s based on love story of one of the band members’ friends, so while writing the lyrics, the band members pretend to be the woman in the story (I mean, they took the woman’s point of view) .

6. sukoye - November 13, 2007

loph u nidji






7. adi chandra - October 17, 2008

Aku bukan seorang pembohong, aku WANITA biasa means “i’m not a liar, i’m just an ordinary woman”.

8. Minci 先生 - October 17, 2008

memanglah wanita tuh maksudnya perempuan.. persoalannnya kenapa seorang lelaki mendendangkan dirinya sebagai seorang wanita…

9. gumbleed - October 19, 2008

Hi Minci deary,

for me, “Hapus aku” melody is really..really… BARHANTU banget !!

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