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:: Mini Me :: February 21, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Medical School.

‘Oh.. Mini’s here’

Immediately, this image came to mind.

Yep, at this practice I am called the ‘baby doctor’ for my small size and heck no, I am not offended at all. As long as I don’t have people calling me ‘Santa’s little helper’ or ‘midget’.

Sitting in the baby’s clinic, I was astonished to see mom’s come up with all sorts of baby products and clothings. I don’t remember using baby wipes, nappy bags and washable diapers like they do nowadays. I mean.. ya lah.. I use lampin and everything but then it was tied like… like lampin lar.. not in this special baby waterproof pants where you put the cloth inside. Anyway, I think it is a handy thing to have. Haha.. I talk as though I have kids of my own. Well.. I did babysit my 2 younger brothers when they were babies. I used to change their nappies and stuff. No wipes whatsoever, just used cotton wool dabbed with water. It was a yucky thing to do at first but I was desperate since my brother was crying like mad. I could hear my naughty neighbour at the back of my house imitating his cries and also ajuk me trying to console him. Hmph..

I got to hold a baby too today and it made me so happy to see him settle comfortably in my arms. He’s also got very gorgeous eyes, the colour is like topaz + grey. Almost amethyst. Man.. I could look at him for hours!!

“Invest in the future; have a child and teach her well.”



1. Puteri Nad :-( - February 21, 2007

my nickname here is malinkaya..si kecik..
kakmin at least cam minnie driver..heheh

2. jet - February 21, 2007

my nickname here is malimkundang..si kecik..
kakmin at least cam minnie mouse..heheh

3. little healer - February 21, 2007

terus terbayang muka nad jadi part of label kat tin seri kaya.. 😛
ohhh… minnie driver is that fairy dlm citer Ella Enchanted kan…

hahaha.. apakah malimkundang ok…ohh.. minnie mouse sounds nice

4. daju - February 23, 2007

malimkundang bkan ke name title indon series tuh..ehh yeke..

5. little healer - February 23, 2007

oh really? hahahahhahahahhahaha… i know Kuntilanak only… hee hee 😛

6. jet - February 23, 2007

malim kundang adela si tanggang versi indon hokey..as kuntilanak is version pontianak indon..biji kundang adela kaler purple..sile salin dlm buku matapelajaran bahse melaya anda..

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