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:: Change :: February 22, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Ponderings.

When I was younger, I saw older girls wearing makeup and I told myself,’ I won’t even go near to compact powder’

I saw couples in love being heads over heels with each other and I told myself,’ Nah.. I won’t be like that’

When people bleached their hair, I told myself, ‘tak rosak ker rambut bleach2 nih?’

And now, at this hour in time, all that talk went down the drain as I have done all those things I thought I wouldn’t do. I have learnt to accept that the constant thing is change and as long as you’re human, you are susceptible to change.

People just don’t surprise me anymore. I am not surprised that Britney can shave all of her hair off, if my friends have an affair with other people’s husband, a mother killing her child for the fun of it, the weird thinking pattern of psycho’s etc.

Therefore, do not be surprised if one day I become a secret agent for one of these:

  • Jabatan Risikan Persekutuan (Federal Intelligence Department)
    Kor Risik DiRaja (Royal Intelligence Corps)
    Cawangan Khas (Special Branch)
    Perisikan Di Raja Malaysia (Royal Malaysia Intelligence)
    Majlis Keselamatan Negara
    Majlis Keselamatan Raja Raja Melayu

perasan sungguh 😛



1. Puteri Nad :-( - February 22, 2007

mieh mieh..
true true
but nad x bleach rambut gik..

2. little healer - February 22, 2007

woooooooooooooo… is this a confession? is nad in lurve wif somebody?? izzit wif the person that we all think it is??? 😛

3. Puteri Nad :-( - February 22, 2007

da merepek..

4. jet - February 22, 2007

wo..buat emo haircut plis..

5. little healer - February 22, 2007

hehehehe 😛
matilar budak pompuan lain tgk kepala aku nanti..

6. Amoun - February 22, 2007


Memang laa dunia ni indah ok… Pompuan jugak yg mampu memahami pompuan gitu…

Sorry to say.. AKU TAK PAHAM please MAKCIK BRIT ni gi SHAVE PALO DIA UTK APO.. Dia baru balik UMRAH ke??!! Kot yer pon balik UMRAH, POMPUAN TAK SUNAT PON CUKUR RAMBUT OK!! hahaha.. –> ehh ke SUNAT GAK huh?? 😛 Memandai je buat fatwa aku ni hahaha

7. Puteri Nad :-( - February 22, 2007

tak bley la pompuan rambut botak..setahu nad la..kecuali sakek

8. little healer - February 22, 2007

baekla.. takkan botak 😛

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