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:: Which Obs and Gynae Book? :: February 23, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Book Reviews, Medical School.

Minggu hadapan I will be starting on my O&G rotation. Matilar anxious nak tau saper tutor personal saya saper.. at the moment I am contemplating to buy a book. Several recommendations were given but I would like to know what are the pros and cons for each book, if any.

1. Hull m (1997) Undergraduate Obs and Gynae. Heinemann

2. Miller & Callander (1997) Obs Illustrated. Churchill Livingstone.

3. Symonds (1998) Essential Obs & Gynae. Churchill Livingstone.

4. Llewellyn-Jones (1999) Fundamentals of Obs and Gynae. Mosby

5. Collier & Longmore (1999) OHCS

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6. Chamberlain (1991) Illustrated textbook of obstetrics. Lippincott

7. Tindall Illustrated Textbook of Gynaecology. Gower

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8. Chamberlain Gynae by ten teachers. Arnold

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9. Chamberlain Obs by ten teachers. Arnold

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10. Fox and Buckley Pathology for Gynae. Arnold

11. Tindall (1998) Colour atlas in clinical gynaecology. Wolfe

12. Adler (1999) ABC of sexually transmitted diseases.



1. kd - February 23, 2007


To choose which book I think you have to see the contents. If ithe notes are sufficient and laid out as easily readable..then I’d go for that.

I think the undergraduate punya tu ok kot and the oxford handbook tu…hmmm…it can be put in the pocket and one topic one page..so ok juga le tu.

Well..good luck.

2. Puteri Nad :-( - February 23, 2007

owh i’ve fallen in love with oxford line..jadi tetap akan pilih dorang
but sapa ntah dok promo seploh org chegu tu punyer buku
elok la gak kot..

3. little healer - February 23, 2007

thank you very much people.. yes nad, baez recommended the saploh cikgu..

4. Puteri Nad :-( - February 23, 2007

haha benar

5. Amoun - February 23, 2007


Aku nyer O&G is next rotation…
Tp skang aku mmg pakai Oxford Clin Spec tu…
But honestly I DONT REALLY LIKE IT!! Aku tatau la… Dok pakai utk ENT, Psych ngan Paed je so far.. Byk sangat AYAT2 BERBUNGA yg tak perlu dalam buku tu hehe…

Tp aku juga tak datang dgn idea bernas sbg alternatif…
So pakai je la apa ko nak pakai jang… Janji score exam mieheheh

6. Puteri Nad :-( - February 24, 2007

buku tu kelakar la amoun,,
aku suka penulis2 yg memasukkan unsur humor dalam buku
cam gardner tuk histology..

7. little healer - February 24, 2007

oh.. suka sgt part2 puitis dlm OHCS..
oh.. i din use histology gardner, so dunno… guna wheaters sajorrr

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