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:: Papa Jahat :: February 26, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Music Reviews.

Kuang kuang kuang.. Momok here writing on behalf of Minci who is busy at the hospital right now.

‘Nama saya jahat.. Papa jahat’

This song is entitled Papa Jahat by The Fabulous Cats. I liked the music straight away first time listening to it. I was surprised to know that this song had a bit of controversy to it. Luc4h? How is that possible? I analysed the lyric trying to see where people got the idea of it but hmmm… takderlah plak. Is it cause my mind is too pure to grasp any hidden meaning or are the critics too ‘dirty-minded’… hmmm..



1. manchurr - February 26, 2007

hello littlehealer hehe u put my link up.. tq.. i loved ur blog.. at first confust ngan littlehealer jr. then i ask him.. he said u r his pet sis huhuh neway.. err.. bye..

2. Puteri Nad :-( - February 26, 2007

oo akoding to my fren..
ia adalah lucah kerana dibasedkan pada filem lucah..walopun x faham apa dia cakap..
anyway ada gak blog wat pasal ni

hey kakmin..sila bitau nad yg kasik lagu nie..ahahahah

3. jet - February 26, 2007

sy nak lgu ni jugak natrah..kamu kijam..

4. little healer - February 26, 2007

yerp.. littlehealerJr is my pet bro..

seriesly?? ok.. blog apa? like dedication to this song ker..nway, tuh hah.. jet mintak lagu nih jugak

ko nak aku bagi ker nad?

5. Puteri Nad :-( - February 26, 2007

ahh mamo kawan kakmin
tak bitau nad yg kasik kakmin lagu nie

6. little healer - February 26, 2007

ah yer yer.. korangggggg…. NAD yang bagi lagu nih 😛

7. jet - February 26, 2007

gadis jepon,sile sedar nad majok secara besar-besarn..ktenye mau tembak kpale klu ko x layan..sile igt scene filem dead poet society..padehal akula yg meletak idea spy menmbak kepalenye tanda rebel..

8. Puteri Nad :-( - February 26, 2007

jet menginfuse gaya terorist

9. random. - March 8, 2007

yo, the Papa Jahat song was based on a home made porn movie where this malay girl is reaching climax and in the throws of an orgasm she utters “Papa jahat!” to her partner.. check it out.. that’s what the song is based on.

10. ALIM - March 12, 2007


11. sluar - March 17, 2007

hahahahah…..lanx la papa jahat ke baik ke….2 bapak gak

12. LaDy FaNtAgHirO~ - March 29, 2007

realy it was based from a porn movie? tambah2 lagi tak suka lagu ni.. i dont deny the music was ok but come on lah.. tajuk dia aje dah kontroversi… hello… “papa jahat”~? kalau buat lagu tajuk “mama jahat”, agak2 lebih kontroversi tak?
tajuk lagu tu je dah bagi bad impression to the kids yg tak tahu apa2… so still for me, song no good even if music is good…

13. jahatke - May 10, 2007

Memang lagu tu papa jahat.. baca lar sebab mamat tu ligat..

Two hidden meanings — Father yang suka berpoya2
2nd meaning – Father is having incest the mother knows but not telling..

The alunan of the music is also very suggestive…

Mamat yang tulis lyrics tu memang kapla tak betol lar..

14. wanabee zack! - May 13, 2007

kalu wat mama jahat mesti nk d’kaitkn ngan gro ye x?

15. wanabee zack! - May 13, 2007

relaxs arrr byk lg lgu brunsrkn lucah x yah la kalut sgt….lgpown,lg ni sdp ddgr…

16. sidi - September 15, 2007

hi new contacts..

17. sidi - September 15, 2007

to me its a song with no value at all and even if theres any, its written by an opportunist… what say u

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