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:: no title :: February 28, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Ponderings.

Some people are just unbelievable.

A woman in her 20s came to the surgery today. She had been on counselling sessions with the Bereavement Midwife because of her miscarriage. The shocking thing was, just 4 days after the funeral of her child, her partner decided to just leave her there and then. Now that is bizarre human behaviour – my dear Adam, how could you leave your Eve just like that, especially at a time when she needs you most?



1. Amoun - February 28, 2007


Believe me dear… Some Eves are just as evil-bounded as this Adam you are talking about…

Some people’s lives is just not as beautiful as some other’s…

2. Puteri Nad :-( - February 28, 2007

sangat adaaaa..
lambang kawan nad yg india tu pon..yg beranak..lepas tu komplikasi okie..infeksi..peritonitis sumer..suami russian dia tinggaikan dia..huhu

memang ada laki2 camni..
i’ve seen it disini~

3. daju - February 28, 2007

sedih giler cmtuh…
dhla mcm 20+ consider young la kann..

4. JustAnOrdinary 2 Minci - February 28, 2007

dear minci,

my heart is deeply touched upon knowing dis. i felt terribly sorry to dis gurl.

I wish im not like him!! I want 2 b da saviour 4 women. for them to use my shoulders to cry on.i’ll protect anyone deserved to be protected.

May God showers her strength.amen


5. little healer - February 28, 2007

i agree.. there are Eves like this a swell, life may not be beautiful for everybody ..so let’s make it less ugly for them..

seriesli?? kesian sgt… plus having all those complications is just inbearable.. peritonitis some more..

yes.. she is young.. thank god, she still have her parents that she could go back to..

i hope you won’t too and i think that it is very unlikely for you to be like that.. but let’s keep on praying that we will all be nice people for we never know how we could change to be in the future.
i salute you for wanting to be the saviour of women!! [bolehlah pinjam bahu wanzue utk nannes satu hari nanti]

6. Puteri Nad to kamin n abang wan - March 1, 2007

abang wan,
pls don u ever b like that..huhu

a’ah dia kat spital..terlantar..

7. JustAnOrdinary 2 Nad - March 1, 2007

I wont, but if i am, please tell me wat im doing is wrong. i deserved to be scolded.


8. Amoun - March 2, 2007


Tu la… The best is JAUHI-lah ZINA 😀
Jgn jadi TOO WESTERNIZE hehe.. Kembali ke akar umbi…

Minatlah Noraniza Idris –> apa relation tah… tak relevan langsung hahahahaa…

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