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:: Where are these Peers? :: March 1, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Ponderings.

Raja Endon Mastura wearing a bikini, Rosnah Mat Aris said Siti Khadijah ‘nak mampus’, Akademi Fantasia has men and women participants living in the same house bla bla bla..

Then, we have our so called hu-ha companions. Perhaps without the hijab, who doesn’t pray 5 times a day but goodwillingly fast during the Ramadhan month, with a pierced belly button, who takes antidepressants, who hold their GF’s hands, who chose Nsync over Raihan.

These people are often made as illustrations to show how bad the Islamic society is nowadays. The lost souls in Islam. Muslim drifters without a bearing. Their roots onto Islam withered like an unwatered plant.

But just how many people comes up to Raja Endon Mastura and showed her the right way? Why only Fauziah Nawi and M Rajoli? Because of her hijab and his background as an Imam? Is one group of people more worthy than the other? Any takes on ‘Prevention better than cure’?

I am part of the ‘illustrations’. I admit that. Therefore, I feel priviledged to have peers who could preach without sending me off in a fit, flying out of the room in a rage. Peers who could ‘sampaikan’ the words of Allah without hurting my self esteem. Peers who could stimulate my thoughts and not patronize me for the way I live my life. Peers who could bring me to remind about Allah when I forget.

But where are these ‘PEERS’ for the other ‘illustrations?’

I pity them for being confused/mixed up between what’s right and wrong. What’s haram and halal. I pity them more for being condemned widely for their ignorance. A result of perhaps poor Islamic education in school and at home. I pity them most for not being ‘saved’ by people who says they really care about Islam.



1. Puteri Nad :-) - March 1, 2007

ahaha the ppl near me sound direct je..at first akan terasa but after a few moment when sanity regained control i will be OK..ala2 terzipzas mode

2. Amoun - March 1, 2007


Tp tak sumer org bleh ‘come-back from sanity’ like you Nadhrah 😉
Intention baik kena itot kaifiyat yg berhikmah.. Kang elok2 nak nasihat, jadi makin jauh mamat/minah tu daripada kebenaran hehe…

Owh.. I’m part of the illustrations too MinCi 😀 Same ler kiteeee 😀

3. JustAnOrdinary 2 Nad - March 2, 2007


me too. we are with u,minci…hence u never walk alone.

sumhow i feel ur entry reflects to mine…but i cud understand why. we share da same path with da same dilemma

happy friday to all,


4. JustAnOrdinary - March 2, 2007


addressed to minci (please take note)

lambang tertekan enter sblm double check


5. daju - March 2, 2007

this is soooo true..
we’re considered fortunate ade peers who can remind ourselves..
and i’m thankful for that..

6. LaDy FaNtAgHiRo - March 2, 2007

i’m part of illustrations too.. but like i use to say before.. takkan nak tggu org yg betol2 perfect dtg tegur kita right? sumtimes, illustrators can give some words of wisdom which may be better than those ‘peers’… yg pentng is kata2 itu.. bukan org yg mengata itu..
and yup.. mula2 je terasa pastu kita akan ok balik.. but the thing in melayu ways is, diorg susah nak tegur depan2 sebab takut org tu terasa.. nak jaga hati la konon.. tapi kalau tak tegur, dibiarkan aje keburukan org itu berterusan di depan mata… pastu sedap lah nak cakap2 belakang… tu psl ckp, takkan nak tggu org yg betol2 perfect tegur kita kan? sumtimes illustrators can give better advice dari ‘peers’.. or can also be vice versa.. yg penting is kesan teguran itu…

7. Amoun - March 2, 2007


Wahahaa… Sumer org pon nak jadi ILLUSTRATION…
Maka persoalannya, SERIOUSLY!! WHERE ARE THE PEERS?? haha

Jawapannya ada dalam statement Syifa ok 😀

8. little healer - March 2, 2007

true so true…

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