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:: Peter Pan Syndrome :: March 4, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Medical School, Ponderings.

I had never thought ‘peter pan syndrome’ (PPS) was real until I Googled. I used to describe people like Reese Witherspoon and Elijah Wood as one just because of their looks. They look like they never aged. Forever young. I learnt that PPS is not that.

PPS is a term coined to originally define an adult male who is socially immature. Now, this is not a description for cassanovas, bastards and jerks that exists around us. It has a much deeper meaning to it.

Peter Pan Syndrome is the expression commonly used to describe certain people, usually of high intelligence, who cannot face the outside adult world, and who, despite physical evidence of the contrary, keep seeing themselves as children, emotionally and socially.

In short: “they don’t want to grow up”, and want to stay in Neverland for the rest of their life.

Although I was unable to find any serious documentation of the Peter Pan syndrome as such in official scientific papers, it is commonly referred to in folk psychology and is often used by independent psychotherapists as an established and well-described medical condition with a very strict frame of application and manifestations:

First of all, they all make a clear distinction between Peter Pan syndrome (PPS) and other, more serious, mental conditions involving adults who behave as children both emotionally and mentally. It is more or less established that people suffering from Peter Pan syndrome are mentally fully developed adults who often carry professional activities requiring strong intellectual skills (such as software development or fundamental research…).

Despite their status as physically and intellectually fit adult, they refuse to take on the responsibilities and emotional bearings of adulthood, often immersing themselves with children (typically not theirs) at work or at home, in hope of being accepted as “one of them”.

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PPS is NOT a medical condition. It’s more psychologic and has certain attributes to it. Believed to be caused by certain things and a few beg to differ as to say that not all PPS sufferers as underachievers.

I’m starting to wonder if I have PPS after all. Like Michael Jackson.



1. Puteri Nad :-) - March 4, 2007

dia kata adult male..hahaha..unless kakmin sahara..then kakmin mebbe ada PPS..

2. little healer - March 4, 2007

oh.. tuh original definition.. skrang dah boleh guna utk pompuan..haha

3. JustAnOrdinary - March 4, 2007

I confirm to have PPS syndrome..

stay cute 4 eva !!



4. jet - March 4, 2007

micheal jackson dah msok Islam..benar atau tidak?

kami ni pon pps la..x pasan ke..ngaaa..pasan..

5. LaDy FaNtAgHirO~ - March 5, 2007

i oso wonder if i have the same syndrome lar~

6. Amoun - March 5, 2007


MOTIF sumer org nak ada PPS syndrome jua??
Menjadi dewasa adalah kurniaan Tuhan yg amat berharga…
Dengan keDEWASAan la kita belajar menilai erti hidup yg penuh pancaroba ni
Huhuu… Mari semua meraikan keDEWASAan kita hehe…

MinCi – motif you menularkan sentimen ‘Mahu Ada PPS’ dalam GUBU haha
Walaupon ko comel.. itu tak bermakna ko bley ada PPS ok..
Lambang kita sumer makin ari di mamah usia…
SILA JGN ADA YG PERASAN MUDA DAH –> statement tegas tanda umur aku dah dekat nak cecah 24 dan aku takleh kembali ke umur 20 yg memperlihatkan ketegaran fungsi2 badan aku haha…

Udah sumer!!
Mari menDEWASAkan diri 😉

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