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:: Guys are like stars :: March 5, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Love and Relationship.

Guys are like stars – so many to pick from
but only one can make all your dreams come true!



1. jet - March 5, 2007

ekskiusmi..gels pon..setars..

2. kd - March 5, 2007

Hehehe…very perceptive

3. Puteri Nad :-) - March 5, 2007

i m a star oso..
pick me pick me

4. JustAnOrdinary 2 Minci - March 5, 2007

ur entry has a deep meaning. yet its so meaningful.
i like it much

but those commentators above really ruin da feel-touched-mood i’m enjoying.

especially puteri nad, she’s no longer a star cuz she’s not available 4 us to grab n reach. perhaps moon is best to describe her.(wif da polka dot surface on it) lol


5. fiza - March 5, 2007

me like a moon
bulat sajor

6. Amoun - March 5, 2007


What make you sooo sure that THERE’S LOADS OF STARZ available for you to pick from??!!
Some starz might not want to be picked pon ok…
Hengat pompuan je ada yg jual mahal?? Laki pon byk tauuu…

(Statement di atas tidak bermaksudkan bahawa aku jenis laki jual mahal – HARAP MAKLUM muehehehe :P)

7. Puteri Nad :-) to abang wan - March 6, 2007

mmg sajer je abang wan nak kene hentak..hahahah..ganti ihab yg slalu dihentak2..

8. LaDy FaNtAgHiRo~ - March 6, 2007

hahahaha… if guyz are stars, girls are what?
amboi ihab.. jual mahal lak kat min.. hehehehe ;p

9. little healer - March 6, 2007

op coz, you can be starfish.. hahaha~~

hoho.. lyke owiz..

ok ok ok… hahaha.. abihlah wanzue kena hentak..

deep meaning and meaningful? hmm 😛 oh.. if she’s look like a moon with measles if she’s got all those polka dots… ahhhhhh.. have you finally discovered who had grabbed her then? hihi

hohoho.. silalah..

AMENDENYER???? hello hello… maksud ‘guys – stars’ di sini bukanlah para jejak yg interested kat kita semata2 walhal manusia2 seperti Pierre Andre dan Fahrin Ahmad juga diambil kira.. miahahaha~~ 😛

kak syifa,
i tk kuasa tau dgn ihab nih.. 😛

10. JustAnOrdinary - March 6, 2007


of course i do. eversince we held da online forum, i already knew sumting must has happened between them. wishing them a very brite promising future 2gether.


Motifffffffff ko kluarkan statement tuh yer. I mean motiffffff yg semotif motifnyerrrrrrr..ok ( u know wat i mean )


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