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:: Interpret my dream :: March 10, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Dream Diary.

Bakkusan*, ZA* and myself went for a job interview at a newly-opened salon. The owner was a big, fat, bald Chinese man and he had his daughter interviewing us for the jobs available.So, bakkusan was up first and within seconds sitting down, I heard that she got the job. Fiza was next and she too got the job. I was next and somehow my interview was lengthy. The Chinese lady told me to tell her about this funny incident Bakkusan and I faced. Motif sangat Bakkusan suro aku citer. So, I told her and yes, I got the job too.

Since we had no experience in hair styling whatsoever, our job was mostly to keep the salon clean and well stocked with supplies. Be a tea-lady bla bla bla. The owner told us to clean the toilet and we must have done such a good job for he had a very wide smile once we’re finished. Well.. the toilet WAS really EUWWWWWWW with all the slime and urghh… bluekkk..

We returned home to a very sad atmosphere. My baby sister passed away – cot death. However, a miracle happened. She was back from the dead and we all had an instinct that she’s going to be alive not for long. Probably, just enough so that she could see us and play with the three of us.

I do not remember how my dream ended.



1. Puteri Nad :-) - March 10, 2007

i donno..
but then again walopun agak sad..at least dia idop balek..
but all three of u akan pass exam ke okie?

2. fiza - March 10, 2007

keja salon tp cuci toilet
apeka..bile nk dpt skill camtu
sgt kawaii~

exam apeka?

3. jet - March 10, 2007

exam apeka natrah bebel nih..ngaa..pd firasat patik, ini adela kesah dongeng..igt konsep:KALAU MIMPI TOILET, ANDA ADALAH STRESS~

4. Puteri Nad :-) - March 10, 2007

iyerla kan cam interview2 tu cam exam la okie
motif x belaja paradoks dan metafora masa komsas dulu jet?

5. little healer - March 10, 2007

hmm.. tgh pikir ada tak exam yg akan dtg…

ahaha.. yerlah.. keje kat salon tk semestinya jadi hairdresser.. nama pun tkder experience…

ooooooooo…menariknyer konsep nih.. sila share konsep2 yg lain… 😛

6. Amoun - March 10, 2007


Penat dah nak baca… Rajin benor ko hupdate…
Aku nak baca Appley’s lagi nanti so I stop sini je baca2 blog mung hehe

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