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:: Quitting medicine :: March 10, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Medical School, Ponderings.


Quitting medicine now is very tempting for several reasons;

1. The endless pressure be as competent as your colleagues. Not to mention the battle to survive this field with my sort of personality. I’m not Type A and having to work with over TYpe A people bothers me.. A LOT!
It’s not nice to have someone saying to your face, ‘get out of medicine now if you don’t be like this or that’ or ‘you are no different than a nurse then’..
But because I’ve made a personal rule to NOT cry in front of MEN who upsets me, I just had to make my ‘whatever, im cool ‘ face and swallow that big lump in my throat. Not adam’s apple OK. huhu.. nannes 😦

2. I can already graduate with a degree of Bachelor of Medical Science and I see other career prospects other than being a doctor. At the moment, I feel that i will never feel adequate unless I become a consultant and to get there is definitely not easy. I’ve eavesdropped on disheartening conversations between senior doctors about how they just tend to ‘deselect’ themselves for their inadequacy. I feel I should go into something that may be small in other people’s eyes but be really really good at it. I like being self-sufficient, whole, complete. Not having to constantly find my way and bearing. Unfortunately, medicine is not static. It changes and grows and you have to grow with it as well… quickly! 

3. I have lost the reason of why I went into medicine. Now, a monetary factor doesn’t seem a bad idea at all, if it could help me keep going. My altruistic reasons are dampened several times by mean people. I think all medical students should think very carefully of why they want to pursue medicine. Something that they could hold on to that would never go away.

Hold on a sec, I think I do have reasons to stay put. I have to pay back the government the money I owe them but that is nothing as compared to that guilty feeling I’d have towards that person whoever he/she is for taking their spot in having the chance to study medicine in manchester. I think that it the outmost reason that keeps me going for now. I could never make it up to that person who may have to do medicine locally because they didn’t get this chance or maybe he/she have to choose another career because of me. Hence, I’d have to make this opportunity worthwhile. Imagine having to live with that guilt for the rest of my life if I choose to quit medicine now.

Nevertheless, it is not a great feeling having to do things for the wrong reasons.

Hmm.. why did I choose medicine? Maybe in another post.

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1. jet - March 10, 2007

reason?reason ne?

2. We R Just In Da Same Shoe - March 10, 2007


3. We R Just In Da Same Shoe - March 10, 2007


To be honest, I simply dun know wat shud i respond ya. sumtimes in life, dere’s no turning back. n dat itself is sufficient to give us a struck thinking our life cud be better we had never taken dis path. S***

nevertheless, i must thank you for coming up a sort of similar entry as mine. at least i know, dere is sumbody out dere who is facing da same dilemma n i am not alone.

u arent alone,

4. Puteri Nad :-) - March 10, 2007

owh dear..
i’ve been putting this kind of tots jauh2 dari pemikiran..
mebbe it’s time to think da kot

5. little healer - March 10, 2007

yerp.. no turning back… sob sob…

6. Amoun - March 10, 2007


1stly, ya summarizing end-paragraph blow all the quitty-reasons at one go.. What a good way to put this dilema in an empathic and fully-responsible manners.. there u go: A QUALITY TO BECOME A DOCTOR!! U’ve def. got one!!
Therefore, no arguements needed: U’ve got the essential QUALITY – DONT WASTE IT!! 😉

2ndly, all ya quitty-reasons are the normal variances in statistical mind-buggers of worldwide Medical students.. In a nutshell – it’s a NORMAL clinical presentation ie. the reasons are NOT PATHOLOGICAL hence NEED NO TREATMENT…
If they dont need intervention.. U should just PROCEED!! ie. DONT STOP…

3rdly, r u SURE u will be satisfied doing other things as ya career path?? or is it just a mere illusions you created in order to give u REASONS not to do Medicine??.. Think again dear 😀
Anak Adam tak pernah puas dengan apa yg dia ada di tangan – aw kama qaala Rasulullah s.a.w. (hadis ni ada sebut2 pasal lembah emas aku tak ingat actual quotation 😀 Tp hadisnya Sahih harap maklum)

& last but not least – APA KENA MENGENA Petition tu ngan Komentar kat sini?? hahaha…

Jgn tertipu godaan Syaithon yg nak suruh kita berenti buat benda baik.. Coz being a MEDIC is a NOBLE THING!! Of course all those IBLIS want to put our heart off it.. hehe… Dont loose to da temptationsssss…

7. hadi - March 11, 2007

Hi. Just stumbled upon this blog.
One of my reasons to be a doctor


Hang in there.

8. little healer - March 12, 2007

thanks Hadi

9. Clazirus - March 13, 2007

u like writing. aren’t u?
a med grad student blogging? professionally? sounds good. Its hard, but can be done.

here: http://blogborygmi.blogspot.com/2004/07/where-are-medical-students.html

10. wa7da - March 24, 2007

leave while you still can…. otherwise you will get to my stage and cant find a way out…

take the medical science degree and RUN WITH IT.. I wish I had..

Good luck.

11. alchemystical - June 10, 2008

I’ve done medicine too, and I’m no Type A personality either. And I’ve been trying to quit medicine since my 3rd yr :p

Thanks for putting up your feelings. I feel the same. “I feel I should go into something that may be small in other people’s eyes but be really really good at it. I like being self-sufficient, whole, complete. Not having to constantly find my way and bearing.”

Even if you choose to continue with your course, which I suggest you should, there are a lot of options you could consider later on like MPH, medical writing, MBA etc.

Anyways stick in there, you never know, medicine is pretty varied you might just come across something that you become passionate about. Keep an open mind!

All the best!!

12. Minci - June 10, 2008

ermmm.. dun think u come here anymore.. ha ha

hmm.. Im in final year now. dont think its happening 😉

Very sound advice. I am after all now in my final year.. ha ha
I second that ‘medicine is pretty varied’
Thank you!!

13. Gerard Owmby - August 31, 2008

Somebody please speak English.

14. Minci 先生 - August 31, 2008

ser-paq baru tau

15. Que - August 31, 2008

owh ko tak yah la rasa serba salah sbb amik tempat org2… ntah2 die patut berterima kasih kat ko sbb ko lah die tak terlanjur amik medic … hence buat menda lain … yg lagi simple dan relaks

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