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:: Zhang Zi-Yi? :: March 10, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Dream Diary.

 Hishh… baru bangun tido petang nih..

It’s the same dream. Only this time, I know what’s going to happen and I’m prepared.

She was a Caucasian woman who had just given birth to a very lovely son. I have no idea what my role was in her house. All I know is that I was there to keep an eye on them.

The woman wanted to open her bowels. Naked, she brought the baby into the toilet with her and I followed. The baby was crying and he opened his bowels too. Don’t really know where his S*** dropped but it doesn’t matter. The problem was the baby was crying and crying and his mother is not doing anything about it. His mother just sat there on the toilet bowl, motionless.

I have been in this situation before in my previous dream. I know something is about to happen.So, I took the baby from the mother, wiped him and placed him on the bed in the room.[ensuite room].

The mother was still motionless. She was looking down and I couldn’t see her face past her long blonde hair. It was all still and quiet. I stepped up to her and hold her head against my chest. [just in case you’re wondering, I am NOT naked]. She was still sitting on the toilet bowl. I just held her there not wanting to look down at her for I knew what will happen next.

Minutes passed and I detected some movement. This is it. I stepped back and there she was. An Asian chinese lady. Her skin looked so pale under that straight, long black hair. She was really thin and for a while I thought she looked like Zhang Zi-YI. Her eyes were blue and she magically had this cowboy outfit on without the hat. She stood up and said,
‘I’m going to China to look for my real parents. Please take care of the baby for me’.

She then left the house and I was there with the baby.

Previously, I had witnessed her transformation. I don’t remember how she changed, all I know is that it was scary.

Gosh, 2 toilet dreams in one day.



1. Puteri Nad :-) - March 10, 2007

u r going to have severe diarrhoea which can only be stopped with eating lemonade- soothsayer nad

2. Amoun - March 10, 2007


Aku still takleh terima ko letak gambar Zhang-Zi-Yi dengan skrip mimpi ko yg berunsur ‘bowel-emptying’ sequences ARGHHHHH!!! hahahaha…

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