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:: MMC again :: March 15, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Current Events, Medical School.

Medscape is one of the websites I often visit and ta-da… an article by Aaron Singh.

Aaron Singh — This past two weeks, the UK medical profession has been in turmoil. Senior doctors have been outraged, junior doctors have been driven to tears, and medical students (including yours truly) have been filled with fear for their futures. All this because a storm months in the brewing has finally hit us. It goes by the benign-sounding name Modernising Medical Careers (MMC).

MMC is the brainchild of the Department of Health, and was proposed to reform the training of junior doctors in the UK. It culminated in the Medical Training Applications Service (MTAS), which required all junior doctors, regardless of the jobs they currently held, to fill out an application form more akin to a Communications Skills exam. They weren’t even allowed to submit their CVs or portfolios. The method has since come under heavy fire for its many flaws, chief among them allocating a tiny percentage of marks to applicants’ academic grades and experience, and mainly being a test of creative writing. I provide a sample question for your amusement:

Describe a recent example from your surgical experience of a time when you found it difficult to make an effective judgment in a challenging situation. How did you overcome this difficulty, and how has this experience informed your subsequent practice?


So, anyone going LONDON?



1. Puteri Nad :-) - March 15, 2007

adakah dgn adanye mmc ni idup kakmin nnt lg sukar?

2. Beth Rudner - March 15, 2007

You sort of learn stuff but you don’t really know what though. http://jacktraveler.blog.com/

3. Beth Rudner - March 15, 2007
4. little healer - March 15, 2007

sebenarnya bende nih kurang relevan pada kehidupan saya kerana saya memilih untuk meneruskan MO saya di Malaysia. Tetapi ini adalah berita buruk kepada para doktor di sini. Banyak sebenarnya aspek MMC ini. Yang saya faham cuma satu sahaja iaitu:
– apabila hendak membuat application untuk say, bidang sakit puan, sekiranya anda tidak dipilih/ pass whatsoever… maka itu sahaja lah peluang anda. Tambahan pula (menurut pemahaman saya) tkleh nak switch2 dan try bidang lain.. kalo dah ke arah tuh.. arah tuh jer….
– impaknya obviously, what then happens to them. Jalan untuk advance jadi konsultant dah tutup..mungkin ada yang terpaksa ‘drop-out’, kerja di negara lain etc.. cam tuh lah


5. Puteri Nad :-) - March 15, 2007

owh dear..
thats so menakotkan..
lambang no turning back..

kakmin tanak keje kat uk ke?

6. little healer - March 15, 2007

nope… its a miserable country to live in as a singleton.. wakakakaka.. apakah… 😛

7. Puteri Nad :-) - March 16, 2007

mesia lg la..
nnt pakcik makcik dok tanya
when are u getting married swithat?
nak aunty fix u wif somebody tak?
[too much drama]

8. little healer - March 16, 2007

hoho… i am so staying away from my parents.. thinking of working in seremban coz my adik might be posted there.. so, nanti bolehlah share rumah dgn dia.. hehe 😛

9. Puteri Nad :-) - March 16, 2007

owh hahah..welkam to seremban

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