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:: A Caesarean :: March 16, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Medical School.

  According to Greek mythology Apollo removed Asclepius, founder of the famous cult of religious medicine, from his mother’s abdomen.

Walked in theatre. Main mata dengan anaesthetist kacak.Dia tersenyum. Ngee.. 😛

The ‘due’ mother was already on the operating table. She’s had a spinal block in preparation for her Caesarean section. I was ready to take my position at the end of the operating table. Trying not to get into the way of my registrar and house officer.

Anaesthetist menghentikan langkah saya dan bertanya saya sekarang rotasi apa. Dengan gaya bersahaja dan tersenyum menggoda, dia berkata , ‘saya tak boleh nak bercakap dengan awak skrang, tapi mungkin selepas ini saya boleh’pick ur brains?’ Saya melepaskan gelak kecil yang gedik.

The abdomen was cut open. The scalpel went through the skin, layers of fat, rectus abdominis (stomache muscles). I could see the swelling uterus right before my eyes. It was slit open. Ooo, I was excited to see a head with hair. The doctors pulled the baby out.  The baby’s skin was crinkled and very white. Like chicken nuggets covered with flour. He let out a small cry and the nurse brought him to the side to be assessed by the paedatrician using the APGAR score. The doctors  were not finished.

Anaesthetist sedang concentrate.

The baby was wiped clean and handed to the new parents. A few seconds later, out came the placenta. The midwife took some blood off the umbilical cord and then plastic bagged it to be given to the parents. The midwife took the baby back, placed in the cot and was ready to give the baby his Vitamin K injection. This is to prevent Hemolytic Disease of the Newborn.

Father went up to the midwife and asked her to help him turn the baby to his left side. He wanted to lafaz the azan to the right ear and later iqamat in his left ear. The operating room fell to a silent almost immediately as we could hear the soft ‘mendayu’ azan by his father. Tidak tergambar betap riangnya hati menerima kehadiran seorang lagi umat Islam di muka bumi ini.

A security tag was clipped to the baby’s feet – just in case, there’s baby snatcher’s about. The section was successful. Everyone said Congratulations to the new mother. Kemudian, saya melarikan diri dgn secepat mungkin sebelum kena soal. Hahaha ~~



1. Puteri Nad :-) - March 16, 2007

ni yg amir tu ke?

2. little healer - March 16, 2007

Amir mana plak nih… hahaha..terburai perut gelak…

3. baez - March 16, 2007

muahahaha~ motif kakmin gedik2 di dlm OT?

4. Puteri Nad :-) - March 16, 2007

ala amir yg pakistan ada beranak tu..dulu2 citer..ke ni paling terlatest

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