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:: Fast and Furious – Tokyo Drift :: March 16, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Movie/TV Reviews.

Venue: Living Room

DVD Buddy/s : Bakkusan, Miyaki

Oh man.. this story is a joke. If we had the technology to do a spoof on this one, we definitely will. I was already put off in the beginning of the story when the main hero started to talk. Gawd.. that accent is just not right. Too cowboy. And with that girl in college offering herself as the prize for the winner, doesn’t help at all.

‘The winner gets me’

Duh.. what if the racers doesn’t want you? Hahaha~~ and she aint that pretty. Then, there were more and more scenes to be laughed at. The DK guy [pretty pliss dun shoot a sagittal facial view of him, it’s just not nice], Neela [apakah?], Twinkie [huh?], the so called romantic ‘drifting’ session in the car between Neela and ‘what’s that hero’s name?’ , scene where the hero was on the cliff [in a spoof version, we might add some wings to his back..hahaha] Not to mention, the very very very pathetic ending.Thank god we just rented the DVD!

The only things that kept us watching were the really really cool cars, the girls in skimpy short skirts and Han. The courting move he did with his car was  simply the best. Haha.. but then Han died. Oppss..spoiler. The song by Teriyaki Boyz was nice. The gamelan fusion is creative.

Initial D is way way way better. From  a girls point of view, the ‘drift’ is nicer, the actors are more good looking  and if the lovey -dovey moments are supposed to be sweet, it does look sweet.



1. Idazy - March 16, 2007

Haha.. “the winner gets me” cracked me up too.. I was thinking of the same thing.

The romantic scene where the hero and the girl were running away from DK and did the drift in front of public was a good one.

Initial D is OK. I’ve watched the whole anime, so kinda expected a lot from the movie, but they didnt deliver

2. Puteri Nad :-) - March 16, 2007

citer ni pada nad best..
sebab keta dia best2..
tp tatengok lagi movie initial d..hanya baca komik je..dalam rating sepuluh kakmin bg berapa?

3. little healer - March 16, 2007

halooo… how r ya..
couldn’t really recall THAT romantic scene.. heh 😛
didn’t watch the anime, so maybe that’s why i thought the movie was brill..

kalau citer nih.. i give 3
initial D.. prolly 7.. 🙂

4. jet - March 16, 2007

nad..kamu ni lucu la kte cite ni bes..

siyeskah pakai gamelan lagu teriyaki boys nih..?

5. little healer - March 16, 2007

a ah.. sebab masa kak ani di interview hari tuh pasal nk buat fusion of traditional + modern music, lagu nih dijadikan contoh..

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