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:: OBENTO Challenge :: March 17, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Just For Fun, Mini Projects, Wasaii Studio.

In addition to the Cappuccino Challenge, we are going to have an OBENTO Challenge as well.

o·ben·to       (ō-běn’tō)  Pronunciation Key 
n.   pl. o·ben·tos or ben·tos
A Japanese meal that is packed in a partitioned lacquered box.

[Japanese obentō : o-, politeness pref. + bentō, box lunch.]

The idea is to create a meal that will look good. Examples are as below;





Hello Kitty

So far, 3 people have participated in this Obento Challenge. Are you up for it too? If you are, submit your OBENTO’s to  before the 20th of March 2007. It will be shown the day after.


This challenge has been proudly sponsored by Wasaii Studio.



1. Puteri Nad :-) - March 17, 2007

isk isk isk..payah ni..akan cuba la ensyalLah

2. little healer - March 18, 2007

hehehe..cubalah.. tk sabar nk tgk orang lain buat canne…
yg cappuccino tuh.. kejap na… 🙂

3. daju - March 19, 2007

comellnyee…hello kitty and crab..
isk suke je gmbr2 yg ade crab and lobster..
xmampu cubela..cz jarang gile masak sendiri..

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