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:: S£x Talk :: March 19, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Love and Relationship, Medical School.

Love: Two minds without a single thought.

We had a formal teaching on psychosexual therapy today.

To kick off the session, we played this little game. Each group had 3 people and we were to come up with alternative terms of what people may use to describe s£x, Pen1s and vag1n4. I am so glad my group had a mixture of people. Don’t think it would go very well if all 3 of us are from the same background, if you know what I mean. Berpeluh pikir apa lah nama lain orang nak guna untuk sebut z4k4r. The guy in our group did all the thinking.

Then, came the hard part of role-play. Oh goddd, I have to pretend to have vaginismus describing all the sexual difficulties – tensing up when husband approaches, vagin4l dryness, pain on pen£tration. A bit pelik nak kena masuk in character sumer.. matilah segan OK. Ohh.. role play here means ‘attending a psychotherapy clinic as a patient’. Susah ah kalau salah faham kan.. My fake husband on the other hand had erection problems.

Several case studies were discussed and boy, so many things can go wrong in a sexual relationship. It is good that couples are open and ready to talk about it. The session was definitely an eye-opener in knowing how to assess the problem without any embarassment, asking the right questions, what literature to recommend couples to read (  hahaha.. I know,  I know), the effective therapies of dilators for vaginismus etc.

Well.. s£x has always been an interesting subject anyway.

So my dear friends, if you ever have ‘problems’ in the future.. you know who you can go to.



1. baez - March 19, 2007

urm, kalo ada masalah terus gi kat kakmin in da future

2. Puteri Nad :-) - March 19, 2007

da tulis appointment suda

3. little healer - March 20, 2007

ntah2 kiter yg tak nak kaunsel kalian berdua..hahha

4. pluginbaby - March 21, 2007

this post smells like porn… wakaka… soft porn actually.. good for age 10-13

5. LaDy FaNtAgHiRo - March 21, 2007

good knowledge… one thing nak kena ubah.. persepsi org melayu dalam masalah ini.. bukan semua org open minded nak bercerita kan… *blush*

6. little healer - March 21, 2007

apa smell2? tkder smell punya… strictly educational..haha 😛

kak syifa,
hmmm.. it is rather tricky sebenarnyer bende nih.. sbb nak yakinkan pesakit yg kita bukan sukati nk cakap pasal ‘hal2 di sebalik kelambu’ (which is dilarang by the way), dan hanya memfokus pada ‘masalah’nya sahaja.

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