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:: A thing for Cows :: March 22, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life, Just For Fun.

‘I have this thing for cows..’

That was a line by Lana in Boys Don’t Cry. Well Lana, so do I.

It seems that most of the things in my life is related to cows. It is DESTINY that cows have a significance in my life. COWs rule.

1 – When I was 11 years old, I used to call my good guy friend MOO and drag him around by his tie as though he’s my pet. A farm pet. heh..

2 – I bought a cow soft toy by mistake. I thought it was a giraffe but it is not. That’ll be MooGie (R)

3 – My friend gave me a big cow toy to rest my feet on. Huhu.. that’s Cowie (L)

4 – Met someone special of which his name has a ‘MOO’ sound in the beginning. [oh dear.. apakah selepas ini akan jumpa org nama ala2 MOOsa or MOOthusamy?]


5 – Got a very very very cute Cow goodie bag for my birthday. The bag makes a MOO sound when you press its ear. There was a big blue MOO notebook and a MOO pencil case.

6 – Za* bought me Mowie from a charity shop. It sits nicely on top of my TFT.

7 – I have a COW mug [which looks like a pig sometimes]

8 – I have a MOO colouring artwork I ‘stole’ from the pediatrics ward.

9 – My latest collection are these fine MOO slippers from Miyaki* Picture borrowed.

I wonder what’s my next MOO conquest.



1. Puteri Nad :-) - March 22, 2007

ur next moo conquest kakmin sendiri da tau..iaitu moothusamy a/l ramapilai

2. daju - March 22, 2007

nape tak mOOwie instead of mowie..ur stuff sume comel..sile tmbh collection lg

3. jet - March 23, 2007

yeah..bli kete lak..pehtu decorate dlm die sume lembu nye prints..

4. little healer - March 23, 2007

ahaha.. tak mo….

sbb Mowie tuh kononnyer diubah daripada MAWI.. nama nih nad yg bagi..

ok ok.. ko beli keta.. aku hias.. 😛

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