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:: Al-Fatihah :: March 24, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life, Love and Relationship, Ponderings.

Brothers – Lagu buat Ibu 

Cubit peha kanan, peha kiri terasa jua. Itulah bukti kasih keluarga. Biarpun kami bukan sedarah sedaging tapi pemergian ibunya dirasai oleh semua.

My dear friend,
i wish i could do more than saying ‘i’m sorry to hear about your loss’. If I had the means, I would have flown you 5000 miles across the sea for you to see your beloved mother for the last time. Alas, I have no power to do so.

I can only give you my shoulder to cry on if you need it. I am no good at words but I am very good in listening. I can lend you my ears if you need to pour your heart out. Be it hours, be it days, be it months or years along the line. I’ll still be there to listen to what you’ve got to say. 
I can push all my unimportant matters aside, for there is nothing as important as your matter at the moment.
When a friend loses her mother, another friend will feel like she’s lost her’s too.

My dear friend,
I am very sorry to hear about your lost. I know you’ve heard this from a lot of people today. We are at lost of thinking how to show you our support. Yet, we worry you might be mad about all the ‘fuss’ and just want to be left alone. That we will do, but so you know, everyone you know is offering their prayers for the soul of your mother.
We really care about you my dear friend. We will be here for you 24/7.
Take your time dear. Take your time to grief.




1. baez - March 24, 2007

alfatihah….im sorry to hear about ur loss
be strong dear

2. Puteri Nad :-) - March 24, 2007

am here if u need nything.


3. jet - March 24, 2007


4. fiza - March 25, 2007

thanks semua

5. Zy - March 25, 2007

be strong, kak fiza.

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