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:: Ini mini my knee more :: March 25, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Medical School.

An email was sent out to us the other day concerning our choice of community placement during year 5. The first thing I did was to list out my priorities; (which may differ from others of course)

  1. Ensure that the practice does not offer just one aspect of medicine. I am keen towards something more general. A bit of everything if i can.
  2. The number of students at the practice during MY placement. I do not wish to be in a place where there are too many students. Some places can have up to 4 students at one time. Out of desperation, I am willing to make an exception. I am not extremely competitive but I don’t enjoy being perceived as a scapegoat either. There’s only so much I can tolerate. I have a limit.
  3. Place of accommodation. This is a bit tricky. I am not sure if it will be paid by the school of medicine or my Trust. If it’s my Trust.. then all hope of saving money is gone. Huhu~~ 
  4. Timetable – I believe that no matter how lousy the timetable may appear on the booklet, something better can always be arranged as we go along. It can be discussed with the tutor.

So far, I have 6 on my list. Drum roll pliss  4 of them in Burnley and the rest in Preston. 2nd round of thinking next month.



1. jet - March 25, 2007

hoo.mau pegi burnley mauk ikot plis~

2. daju - March 26, 2007

burnley tuh kt mne? lg best ekk?

3. little healer - March 26, 2007

hehe.. pastuh bila nak makn jer kita gi ke cafe hospital burnley yg best itu…

burnley is a half hour train trip from preston.. kitrog pernah kena antar kat hospital situ utk buat psychiatry.. 😛

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