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:: Superwoman :: March 27, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Medical School.

‘I’m not your superwoman’

I witnessed my first normal delivery today and boy I was excited.

This was a large lady in her first pregnancy of her first child. So, I was expecting a very long process of labour. She was already past her due date by 15 days. She has been induced by a membrane sweep the night before and this morning, she was given an IV drip to further induce the labour.

The lady was great. She gave good big pushes when her contractions came. I helped by holding the other side of her leg and be that ‘resistance’ she can kick push against. I ended up with a bruise on my arm and thank god there wasn’t any on my waist. Therefore, I was glad when the baby finally came out as I was already a bit light-headed and had to sit down. Like the mother, my energy was drained out. But it was worth it. All the bruises doesn’t matter at all once the little angel was out.

kenangan purposes pliss

There was a lot of reassurances and coax of motivation along the way. ‘You can do this’, ‘A little bit more’, ‘Very good’, ‘Excellent’. So many positiveness that made me think, you couldn’t say you are an iron lady, a strong woman who have endured it all, until you have experienced giving birth to a child. That is the only moment when everything about you is tested for there is no one who could help deliver the baby. It’ll depend on you, you alone to bring a new life into the world. The will, the power, the energy and like the midwive said to the lady this morning, ‘We are made to do this because we have the strength to do it. So, come on, give me a really good push love’.

* Giving birth scenes in movies is rarely a true depiction of real life events. You don’t get the baby out that quick and most of the time, the mothers are advised not to scream but to instead direct the energy towards giving a big push down below. So, Scientology does make sense. Perhaps, the only true part of it is that it does hurt!

The babies head looked strange when it first came through the opening. The skull is so flexible that it could overlap to enable the baby to squeeze through the vagina. However, we still had to do an episiotomy to help deliver the baby more easily.Then the face started to show. Ohh.. it’s facing down! That’s normal by the way. I was half-expecting the baby to cry once the head part is out but the baby didn’t. The baby is rotated sideways now and the upper shoulder is delivered followed by the lower shoulder and woohooo.. the body’s out! The baby had crinkly white skin. The cord was clamped , the dad cut it off, baby was dried, brought to the mother and given a very wonderful name. Baby G* is a girl. Baby G is big too. 4 kg!

Next, was the task to take out the placenta. 15 minits later, it was out. Blood was taken out of the cord. The tear in the mother’s perineum was stiched up . A catheter was also put up her urethra since she had an epidural. This will help to rest her bladders.

The ‘delivery process’ did not end there for the midwives. Now, they had to do their postnatal duties and paperwork/documentation. But of course, the first thing we did was to grab ourselves a cup of tea WITH sugar and a slice of toast. 4 hours without food on a high-energy requirement duty is not wise.
1. Check the placenta to see if it’s normal, rugged, calcified ( common in smoking mothers)  or infarcted. Check if the shape is intact with no bits falling off. It is important not to leave pieces of placenta behind since it can be a cause of heavy bleeding or result in patient getting a septic shock.

2. Check mother’s general OBS postnatally: BP, temperature, pulse etc.

3. Filling out all sorts of forms[Red, blue, APGAR scores, neonatal information, delivery sheet, partograms] It was fun calculating when each stages of labour starts and also interpreting the CTG. Well, midwive did most of it. I couldn’t think. My mind was on fairy cakes. It’s supposed to be a trend for birthday parties nowadays.

Everything was documented properly for the notes will be kept for up to 25 years.

3. Taught the mum how to feed the baby artificially since she chose not to breastfeed. The baby had a postnatal check and was given an injection of Vitamin K to prevent ‘hemolytic disease of the newborn’. Not all babies get them!

4. All the information was then transferred to the MUM’s computer system.

5. Baby tagged with an electronic device.A form of protection against baby-snatchers.

6. A bath was prepared for the mum to enjoy  who will then be transferred to the Maternity Ward to continue care. First-class service! grandma said.

7. Baby G’s details were written in this big book. Written under the ‘who was present’ heading, my name was written as Dr M*******(medical student) Terkesima sebentar sbb tulis ‘Dr’ kat depan, pastuh tergelak kecil sebab guna nama ayah.

We were up since 7 in the morning and it was only at 1345 did we get to put our feet up and enjoy our lunch. Yea yea.. free sandwiches and a cup of tea.

Petang balik umah tidooooooooo….

Welcome to the world, Baby G.



1. Puteri Nad :-) - March 27, 2007

cam nama jam nama dia
baby tu besarnyeh!

2. daju - March 28, 2007

haha..nk ckp the same thing..dh la i own a Baby G watch..
your first time tgk live ekk..
mase kt skolah dulu, Biology F5 pn ade tgk video org giving birth nih…tp video la..sure laen frm tgk live kann..

3. Puteri Nad :-) - March 28, 2007

daju..nnt terus rasa tanak give birth dah..haha

4. little healer - March 28, 2007

at first i thought ‘nama macam jam’ is like ‘jam’ yg spread atas roti tuh.. rupa2nya jam=watch.. 😛

yes.. lain sgt.. tapi tkderlah sampai tk nk give birth cam nad.. just it makes you feel a bit worried of your capability.. but as the midwive said – we all have th strength to do it.

5. LaDy FaNtAgHirO~ - March 29, 2007

wow~! tahniah min.. sure u did a good job~!!

org sana mmg besar2 eh… baby 4kg? maybe sana tak heran kot baby 4kg? kalau kat sini tuh dah kira baby giant la kot~?

but again.. tahniah~!

6. Kak Shila - March 30, 2007

WOW…Congratz Min…am so proud of you.
Having gone thru 2 pregnancies myself, I must say it’s uplifting reading your stories since I have never gotten go the chance to have the ‘down-under’ perspective.

And gals,
it does hurt a great deal trying to squeeze big headed babies! So love your mothers!

-kak shila-

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