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:: Working in a Model Studio is hard :: March 30, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Just For Fun.

I am now working at this modelling agency. Training to become one of those groomers. This is my 2nd day. Just yesterday, I had to learn how to do their hair, give manicures, put on make-up and advice on attires in a jiff! No time wasted at all.

The models are very hard to work with. Not so much the amateurs, but those professional ones. Thankfully, I’m a fast learner. Therefore, once I have proven myself to be an effiecient person to groom the amateurs, I get to sort out the more trained ones. If before I was merely cutting their hair, this time I get to dye them as well.

Choreography (for photoshoot) had to be precise and sleek. Quite often, I fail to impress the models at this stage. They get so bitchy and short-tempered. Grumbling, muttering not wanting to wait! As if the latte I made for them is not enough. Diva lah konon. Tak kuasa. Helloo, I only have two hands!

However, at the end of the day I couldn’t help feeling proud of myself when the models I helped groom (especially the amateurs) looks so glammed up on the magazine covers. A job nicely done ..

Here are the cover shoots, out in May;

FRom Left: Shirley (Sugar) Bushfield, Evelyn (Eve) Downs, Arwen (Ar) Fitz-Hugh-Curtis, Ivory (Ivy) Malaena, Carrie (Cherry) Holmes-Adie .

Hehehehehe… It’s so easy to win this game..



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