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:: Tell me what they’re called :: April 1, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Birthday Wishes, Everyday Life.

I bought my flowers today. The shops were closed yesterday because there wasn’t any electric. I bought these because they’re purple ( I haven’t bought a purple one before) but I don’t know what it’s called.

Anybody know?

Oopss..too far and too dark. Don’t have a proper vase, just balang kaca. On my window sill. My current reading books on the right and souvenirs/photo on the left. Nampak tak bangunan kat luar tuh? pastuh ada green grass lepas road tuh? itulah spital.

A closer view. That’s a card from Mimie given during depressed times. Musical box Nad in the background.


OoOoOo.. it’s the 1st of April. Happy Birthday Maahad Boy.



1. Puteri Nad :-) - April 1, 2007

i donno..violas ke?

anyways happy besday maahad boy
my frens gravis and fara punye besday pon today
tomoro my kazen
then 3 hb ayah ada kawan
then 4 hb besday another fren..

wow banyaknyeh besday org

2. little healer - April 1, 2007

itulah pasal..
n then it is ‘ u know who”s bday too 😦

3. idazy - April 1, 2007

is that “the chosen flower” ?
what kind of flower is it?

my botany knowledge is near zero.

4. little healer - April 2, 2007

haha i guess it is..don’t know what it’s called, that’s why I’m asking.. 🙂

5. idazy - April 2, 2007

haha.. just realised the entry title is “tell me what they’re called”.
and i asked you that.


6. daju - April 2, 2007

rupe dia mcm morning glory..tp mustahil lah kann..
heh..sronoknye..dpt bli flowers and ade vase sendiri..
maybe i should hv one also..

7. LaDy FaNtAgHiRo~ - April 3, 2007

nmpk mcm orked.. hehehe habis lah i ni tak kenal bunga~

8. D - May 3, 2007

iris, aren’t they?

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