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:: KOnsert Minggu 3 AF5 :: April 2, 2007

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crit·ic      [krit-ik] Pronunciation KeyShow IPA Pronunciation


1. a person who judges, evaluates, or criticizes: a poor critic of men.

2. a person who judges, evaluates, or analyzes literary or artistic works, dramatic or musical performances, or the like, esp. for a newspaper or magazine.

3. a person who tends too readily to make captious, trivial, or harsh judgments; faultfinder.

AF judges falls in the 3rd definition. Especially The Gereng Judge. Demmit.  In response to this article, I don’t think it is wrong to praise somebody if he/she deserves it. Like Fazley mentioned in Debat AF ( waaa.. mcm lah saya tgk.. main quote jer nih) ‘takkanlah nk sebut bende buruk jer’. There must be something good for them to take back and be proud of.

In medicine, whenever we do something, we are given feedback on first of all

  • What are the good things you have done and then only,

  • What you could have done better. Mind you, not ‘what was your mistake’?

Maybe they should change the concept of Akademi Fantasia. Why not take in the most horrible singers in the country, teach them how to sing according to how YOU want them, make them do all this ridiculous theatre/pantomime performance and maybe people like me wouldn’t be so mad.

Reasons being, these ‘students’ have nice voice tones to begin with. [yer ker? ntahlah]However, from what I saw from Diary AF, it seems that how they perform on stage are confined to what the teachers want them to do. Too tersusun sometimes. Rigid. Their vocal ability is inhibited because they were made to do things which are forced onto them like the idea of trying to ‘kuasai pentas’, acting, raising their hands at the right lyrics, must sing like this bla bla bla..

If there’s one thing I agree with the article was the fact that the concert last week was a let down. I was expecting a good one from Rizal especially, because he got the Permaidani song. One of my fav nasyeed that is.

Many said that Candy’s vocal performance was great. I disagree. I find nothing special to it. Farha’s was better if you could look beyond the over+scary expression on his face while singing. 😛

Ebi? Well.. perhaps the beginning was awesome. Maybe it was Mawi’s song that made me not like it too much. Haha.  Heliza? ermmmmm… orang tuh jer lah lebih2 suka kot. Heliza has charisma on stage and I love watching her. She’s pretty with nice stage presence. I just don’t find her voice that memerizing. Maybe not yet.

Surprisingly, my favourite performance that evening was Fatin. Eventhough people in Youtube says that she has the voice of ‘kambing gurun’, if I shut my eyes and just hear her sing, I know that it is Fatin. The voice is hers.

Last but not least, AFUNDI SHAWAL. [takderlah best sgt pun dia nih, nyanyi flat jer tapi sore dia macho, sorak2 mcm makcik dalam klip boley?]



1. Puteri Nad :-) - April 3, 2007

sib bek tidak mengatakan dafi flat sri pahang kat sini..
klu x siap kakmin..ahahahaha

2. little healer - April 3, 2007

haha… kang tak pepasal DAFIGHTERS bangkit and menodai my blog

3. Puteri Nad :-) - April 3, 2007


4. Amoun - April 4, 2007

Salam… Wahhh gilosss.. Luahan ati pasal AF..
Giler hang ikut betui2 ke AF ni?? haha.. I lack the interest..

So far.. 3 figure je yg aku tau dari AF5 ni..
Heliza, Dafi ngan Fatin…

Heliza aku amik tahu sbb NurNadhrah suruh aku amik tau.. Dah la time exam.. Papo la u Nadh!! Tak kena masa langsung nak promo!! haha..
OK.. Physically.. Aku mmg suka habis kat anak gadis sorg ni..
Tatau nak cakap apa.. Muka bulat.. Kulit putih.. Adoiii bisa bikin laki CAIRRRR DONG!!! hahaha…
But when it comes to music, sorry to say la, looks for me comes second..
Suara terjah telinga dulu.. N memandangkan suara dia taste Cik Nadh..
Maybe sbb tu aku sekongkol ngan ko MinCi..
Aku haram tak terJATUH CHENTA ngan vocal dia..
Worst was when she sang Melodi Ahlan.. Adoi.. Turn off terus I haha..
Not that she doesnt sing well.. Tp LENGGOK dia enggak ada sih..
Dan seharusnya sumer org yg berkunjung ke A-N-I sedia maklum ttg CHENTA aku pada LENGGOK..
Kureng LENGGOK.. Tata titi tutu…

Dafi lak aku amik tau coz I read Utusan n wanna know what the fuss is all about.. & seriously MINTAK MAAP CAKAP LA KAT SESAPE YG MINAT BUDAK NI – aku langsung tak nampak potensi bdak ni!!
Mawi dulu… Kalopon dia nyanyi tak sepower Felix..
Tp character dia won people’s heart & aku bley terima..
Tp bdak ni.. Aiyoyo.. Tatau awat org dok tergila..
Again, sorry la kat sesape yg hard-core mamat ni..
Dia ni nyanyi flat satu hal.. LENGGOK ZERO – apa citer aku nak fond of his talent rite?? hehe

Last but not least Fatin
& she’s the only one that I try to get to know BECAUSE OF HER VOCAL TALENT.. Ya Rabbi AKU SUKA BABENG kot dia nyanyi lagu Dayang ari tu..
MANTAP + Style sendiri tak menurut punggung Dayang..
Itu yg kita mau!! hehe…

Summary.. Aku harap vote Dafi ngan Heliza bley turun supaya Fatin bley naik… Cukup2 la jadikan AF medan vote merapu.. We need real talent in Malaysia 😉


5. Amoun - April 4, 2007

Eh.. Aku nak cakap MATA Heliza bulat… Muka dia LONJONG… Lonjong2 pon cute juaaaa hehehe

6. Puteri Nad :-) - April 4, 2007

fatin dangdut tu kau sokong brbanding aku
siapkau segerombolan DAFIGHTERS akan menodai kau kalo ko wat entry against dia..hahahaha

7. little healer - April 4, 2007

padan… kan dah kena dgn ahli DAFIGHTERs… 😛

8. daju - April 4, 2007

shawal got “izinkan aku pergi” by kaer for week 4..
bgos2..both pn i suke..haha..

9. little healer - April 5, 2007

i love dat song..

10. Puteri Nad :-) - April 5, 2007

owhh ni x saba tengok dekna..
lagu salam untuk kekasih tu..hihi

11. no name - April 20, 2007

vote 4 heliza n ebi to final…berehhh!!!…
btw, vote out 4 aizat, dafi, n rizal..ngahahaha..

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