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:: How Could this happen to me :: April 7, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Karya Pujangga SEPI-Tal.

How could this happen to me

by Pujangga SEPI-Tal

I smashed the windows and scratched his car. I knew it was his. The car’s alarm went off and the porch lights lit up automatically. I made my way through the gates and ran so fast until I’ve puffed out every single breathe out of my lungs.

I didn’t care. I didn’t stop to think what might happen if I got caught. I just wanted to hurt him. Making his life difficult by not being able to go to work in the luxury of his own car. His favourite Porsche. I know the hurt may not be enough to repay the pain that he’s caused me. The pain of a lonely heart. The pain of having to lose him, the only man I’ve ever learnt to love. The pain of hearing how he’s not interested in me anymore. The pain of knowing that whatever I choose to do to win him over, he is not coming back. 

I’m not into you, just give up will ya!   SLAM! the door went. I was on the other side of his door, left to stand in the rain. Shivering in the cold. His words kept ringing in my ears. I’m ending this now whilst I still can, not when we’re 2 -3 years down the line when it’s going to be more painful for you.

But you haven’t seen the real me yet! How could you judge me from just a few phone calls and dates? I said

I’m sorry hun. I just feel that I can’t connect with you emotionally.

I kept asking him to reconsider. He got fed up and he must have been terribly upset to have raised his voice and told me to give up. How could he end our relationship just like that. I had wanted to count on his support for my coming exams but I guess he forgot! So much for the ‘I’m here for you’ lovey-dovey talk. I hate you! I hate you! And I cried and cried when no one was looking. Cried with my face immersed in the water in my sink which is supposed to help not make the crying face too obvious.  

I reached home and mum was still up watching TV. I sat beside her clutching my head. Oh god, what have I done? What’s wrong dear? Nothing, mum. Just a headache.

Alas, the damage is done. I was having breakfast when a police car stopped in front of my trailer. He knew it was me. He knew. Mum was already at the door asking what the problem was. I could run again but my legs felt weak. So, I just sat there at the table, finishing what could be my last breakfast in the outside world. Footsteps approached and I looked up.
‘Andrew, we need you to come back to the station with us…’

:: I have sent this entry as an article at Helium.



1. Kirana - April 7, 2007

I had this one before. But, did get the chance to crash his window, windscreen whatnot. I wish I had.
Thanx for the clue. I’ll try around.

2. Puteri Nad :-) - April 7, 2007

owh ni teknik2 balas dendam kah

3. little healer - April 8, 2007

korang perasan tak ni adalah percintaan MC Gay Gay… hahahahaha 😛

4. Puteri Nad :-) - April 8, 2007

hahahah takkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

5. LaDy FaNtAgHirO~ - April 9, 2007

oh dear.. how i wish i cud slam his car like that… his new toyota vios in silver now… hahaha ;p

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