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:: Pregnant in a mission :: April 7, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Dream Diary.

It is nice reading up about dreams. You only have to google Why do we dream? and a whole list of it comes out. I hvaen’t stumbled upon dream interpretation though. It would be great if there is a meaning behind it to explain why I dream about people I’ve never met before, why I can have the same dream again and again and why my dream has the same theme almost all the time.

Yup, I don’t really know for ntah ke berapa kalinya I dream I am involved in a mission. Mission Impossible/ Charlie’s Angel type of thing.

Last night, I dreamt I had a gathering with my fellow STFians batch 9600. Our point of early contact was at the airport before we were to get on the bus to go to this mansion for our extravagant banquet. I was pregnant but my abdomen had this very weird shape which was perceived to be normal by people in that dream. It’s weird because my tummy follows the shape of the foetus. So, instead of having a round, nicely distended abdomen, it’s like a plastic bag covering a baby dinosaur type of thing. My foetus had a tail rangka.

Anyway, I was given an assignment to be done whilst on the gathering. Only I don’t remember WHO or WHAT my job is now. I could briefly remember that one of my batchmates have been smuggling very expensive china from the mansion to the Mexicans (huh? wonder how I came up with that) and she does this through a crack in the wall of a shed behind the house.

Maybe my mission failed or something cause the next thing I knew was that I was tied onto the table with my abdomen exposed. I could see my child ‘wriggling’ inside and I was obviously in a panic thinking, ‘Oh no.. what’s happening?’

tenenenenenet… my alarm went. I woke up.



1. hata gelak - April 7, 2007

kakmin mengandung ape ok
susahnye dikaunye dream
sgt wild imagination yet adventurous dan nice
daku penah mimpi kakmin kejar dengan pisau kek
sbb org ejek dia gambar lonjong
sila interpretasi ok

btw dreams are lyk candies of our lives, we cant feel the schweetness of life tanpa mimpi~

daku sgt suka mimpi kalo watak dikenali spt kenalan sekeliling, spt nad yang kene sambar petir, terus nannes muahahaha

terus feeling artis nyanyi lagu mimpi sempurna

“aku kan menghilang, dalam pekat malam, lepas ku melayang~
biarlah lah ku bertanya pada kakmin gambar lonjong
tentang arti pisau ke, dalam mimpi yang sempurna”

2. Puteri Nad :-) - April 7, 2007

kakmin..i think this is the after effect of the previous dream..

3. Puteri Nad :-) - April 7, 2007

owh daripada daku mimpi dikau bungee jump tali terputus lg horror

4. little healer - April 7, 2007

padan muka OK kena kejar daku sbb ejek muka lonjong.. hahaha.. tapi sgtlah menakutkan mimpi nad kena sambar petir.. oh dear oh dear… mcm citer cina je bunyik dia … kan kalo diorg mungkir janji, diorg mintak kena sambar petir kan..

mana derrrrrrr… tk nak tak nakkkkkkkk.. hahaha.. whoa.. nih pun lagi sorang mimpi horror.. bungee jumping tuh…

5. Puteri Nad :-) - April 7, 2007

silala kakmin saiko ke okie..tp padan dikejar..sila tusukkan knife itu kepadanye

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