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:: OSCE – Women’s Health & Pead’s :: April 16, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Medical School.

Thank you for ‘washing’ this space. The stomach-churning OSCEs are finally over for this year of study. Only 3 hurdles left before we get to our final year. ARghhh.. tak lama lagi dah nak abes.. tatotnyer.. 😛

The 3 hurdles:

  1. Paper exam
  2. Mini 3 week project
  3. Maxi 11 week project

Yesterday, the exams was on paedatrics. 7 stations altogether. Each is for 5 minutes.

  1. Counsel a mother who’s just recently gave birth to a baby boy who had Down’s Syndrome. She is concerned about the future of her son.
  2. Child psychiatry – a 14 year old boy came to A&E with mother. Mom said he’s been behaving very aggressive lately. He had also accused his mom of having bird flu. You are the FY2 doctor who has been called to assess the matter. Who would you like to see? What would you like to know?
  3. Calculate drug dosage – the use of flucoxacillin for impetigo in a 5 year old and his 20 days old brother.
  4. Cranial Nerve exam – this girl has right sided weaknesses. assess her CN.
  5. Meningitis + NAI – Mom came in to GP because she noticed son had bruise on buttocks. A picture was given to show how the bruise looked like. Mom was worried that it could be meningitis. Take a history.
  6. Respiratory exam – Boy came into hospital breathless. Given salbutamol and oral steroids. Comment on observation chart and examine the boys respiratory system.
  7. Obesity – Mother is worried that her daughter is gaining too much weight. Counsel her.

Today’s exams was on O&G. Also 7 stations with 5 minutes each.

  1. Viva on bacterial vaginosis – discuss result of women who had ‘clue cells’ on microscopy. she was negative for other infections. how would you manage this woman.
  2. Male sterilisation – counsel.
  3. Partogram – interpretation. it was a prolonged labour.
  4. Examine pregnant abdomen.
  5. Do a breast examination and comment on findings.
  6. Perform a bimanual palpation and chlamydial swab
  7. Taking a history from an elderly women who is leaking. (stress incontinence)

Tomorrow, the battle will be fought by Za* and Tulips* on a strictly different topic. It’s all about the mind and movement. They’ve got 14 stations in one day.

All the best. Gambattene…

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Ampunilah Orang Yang
Baca SMS ini Ohh Tuhan,
Dia Jarang baca Doa,
Asyik Baca SMS aje!

Amin.. Gud Luck!! Hehe..

anggap sajorr aku bagi SMS.. muahahaha~~



1. Puteri Nad :-) - April 16, 2007

i am washing i am washing..
i am washing this space

2. daju - April 16, 2007

pengaruh AF ekk nad..

3. Puteri Nad :-) - April 16, 2007

haha pandai daju..
tp tomoro kata empunya blog..
esokla datang cuci blog

4. Puteri Nad :-) - April 17, 2007

nyeh nyeh..
penat sudah membasuh kereta dilaman nie..
tahniah kakmin

sila lari berpagar 800m lagik

5. little healer - April 17, 2007

biasalah pelajar dihanyut budaya kuning.. eh.. apa aku merepek nih..

ngeh ngeh .. thank you dear.. skrang nk jadik pompom girl mereka yg exam esok…


6. Puteri Nad :-) - April 17, 2007

kakmin mengata nad dipengaruhi budaya kuning!!!!!!

7. fiza - April 17, 2007

macam kenal sajor itu sms..anyway, thanks kakmin kerana sudi meluangkan badannye utk diperiksa..gambate!

8. little healer - April 17, 2007


hehe… nama pun SMS daripada kau..

9. Puteri Nad :-) - April 18, 2007

kakmin menjadi ibu mengandung ke

10. little healer - April 18, 2007

oh tak.. fiza dia nyer exam sylabus lain… i’ve done that exam last semester and she’s done mine last semester.. kitrog swap syllables in the middle… so dia basically doin what I’ve done last semester.. tapi lain skitlah soklan dia kan… as long as within the syllables..

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